Adaptive Snowboard Education Materials


Adaptive Snowboard Education Materials
ASB Info on Cognitive Disabilities31.2 KB
ASB How Adaptive Tools Impact the Snowboarding Fundamentals108.3 KB
Technical Foundations141.0 KB
ASB Info On Hearing Loss145.8 KB
Adaptive Alpine and Snowboard-Online-Cog154.3 KB
Adaptive Alpine and Snowboard-Online-VI outline155.3 KB
ASB Info On Medical Basics Medication200.7 KB
ASB Info On Teaching Basics217.3 KB
Adaptive Ski Bike Info Guide321.5 KB
Adaptive Encyclopedia3.5 MB
Adaptive Snowboard Resource Guide4.5 MB
Adaptive Snowboard Level 1
Adaptive Snowboard Level 1 Mono Bi Take Home Assessment16.5 KB
Adaptive Snowboard Level 1 Vi COG Take Home Assessment17.4 KB
Adaptive Snowboard Level 1 Stand Up Take Home Assessment17.7 KB
ASB Level 1 Assessment Form55.8 KB
ASB Level 1 Overview300.5 KB
ASB Level 1 New Pathway 2023320.8 KB
PSIA-AASI ADA Policy328.6 KB
New Snowsports Instructor Guide5.3 MB
Adaptive Snowboard Level 2
ASB Cert 2 Prep Outline22.6 KB
ASB Level 2 Exam Outline31.9 KB
ASB Level 2 Tethering Information – Stand-up/ Sit-down145.7 KB
ASB Cog/VI Workbook149.8 KB
ASB Stand-Up Workbook156.6 KB
ASB Level 2 Functional Riding Tasks Chart and Describers158.6 KB
ASB Sit-Down Workbook198.7 KB
ASB Assessment Guide for Cognitive Impairments309.5 KB
ASB Assessment Guide for Mono Ski342.9 KB
ASB Stand-Up Assessment Form440.6 KB
ASB Assessment Guide for Stand Up442.9 KB
04. ASB Assessment Guide On Visual Impairments449.5 KB
ASB Sit-Down Assessment Form451.5 KB
ASB Cog VI Assessment Form459.8 KB
ASB Assessment Guide for Bi-Ski610.9 KB
Adaptive Snowboard Level 3
ASB Cert 3 Assessment Process69.4 KB
ASB Cert 3 Exam Course Outline71.4 KB
ASB Cert 3 Exam Criteria115.2 KB
ASB Cert 3 Exam Prep Course Outline176.6 KB
ASB Cert 3 Assessment Form215.0 KB

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