About PSIA-AASI Rocky Mountain

PSIA-AASI Rocky Mountain is a member organization comprised of teaching professionals. As the second largest of eight divisions of PSIA-AASI, the organization sets the standards for ski and snowboard instruction in Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas and part of Wyoming.


“To provide the guest skiers and riders at Rocky Mountain resorts quality and consistency in the education they receive from our professional membership.”



“To provide excellence in education and membership services while maintaining fiscal responsibility and promoting professionalism to the public and the snowsports industry.”



“To work together as a team and as role models for the division. We support each other and share common beliefs about our jobs and about skiing and riding. We are accountable for maintaining top-quality clinics and exams which uphold the standards of snowsports instruction as outlined in our Educational Master Plan.”


Strategic Message

“As a lifelong commitment, PSIA-AASI Rocky Mountain will provide opportunities to enhance your success and inspire your passion as snowsports professional by offering experiences that value people and are inclusive and supportive.”




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