PSIA-AASI Rocky Mountain Outstanding Service Award

Vision and Purpose:

To recognize, acknowledge, and honor individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the advancement of the PSIA-AASI Rocky Mountain Region and who have enriched the experiences of Rocky Mountain’s membership and member schools.



The Awards Committee will be chaired by the Rocky Mountain CEO and made up of Rocky Mountain’s Director of Education and the eight discipline chairs.

The Awards Committee Chair will be responsible for communicating with Awards committee members to schedule meetings to meet predetermined deadlines for nominations.

Recommendations and motions will pass with a 70% vote in favor of.

Nominators are individuals who take on the responsibility for completing the official nomination form and ensuring that all the supporting material is included, is accurate, and arrives at the PSIA-AASI Rocky Mountain Region office before the due date.



To be eligible, individuals’ achievements must be considered “significant” and (a) taken place in the PSIA-AASI Rocky Mountain Region and (b) significantly benefited the PSIA-AASI Rocky Mountain Region or, (c) been performed by an individual(s) recognized as being of the PSIA-AASI Rocky Mountain Region.  Nominations are open to any person(s) and may be made on behalf of the living or deceased individual(s).


Nomination Process:

Nominations may be submitted by any person(s).  All nominations are required to be submitted to the PSIA-AASI Rocky Mountain Region office on, or before the due date established by the Awards Committee and posted on the PSIA-AASI Rocky Mountain web site. All nominations are required to be submitted on an official PSIA-AASI Rocky Mountain Region nomination form.

Any nomination packet which is not complete as to the contents listed below will be sent to the Awards Committee and the nominators will be notified of missing content by the Awards Committee Chairperson.

Nominations must include:

  • Fully completed nomination form
  • Cover letters from a minimum of two nominators detailing the reasons for the nomination.

All completed nominations submitted will be maintained in the digital archives of the PSIA-AASI Rocky Mountain Region office.


Selection Process:

The PSIA-AASI Rocky Mountain office will maintain a pool of completed nominations.  There will be no limit to the size of this active pool.

There will be no time limit on the active pool of nominations.

New nominations will be considered annually from May 1st to September 1st.  The full Awards Committee will meet to review all new nominations to assure they are complete, accurate and adhere to the eligibility criteria as outlined.


Voting Process:

The Chair of the Awards Committee will coordinate a meeting of the Awards Committee in September to discuss and vote on nominations.


Nominees will be notified of results within one week of the Awards Committee’s vote.  Hall of Fame inductees’ information will be posted on PSIA-AASI Rocky Mountain’s social media and website.

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