Welcome to PSIA-AASI Rocky Mountain!

Most instructors are interested in joining PSIA-AASI Rocky Mountain because they are seeking certification.  They have approached a Snowsports school and found that the school pays more for certified instructors than for non-certified instructors.

Certification is about more than earning more money! It is a confirmation of ability and an opportunity to improve knowledge necessary to share your passion for Snowsports with your guests. The certification pathway involves studying and understanding educational materials that have been developed by industry professionals.  These materials reflect an agreed-upon belief system of what constitutes good skiing and riding skills and good teaching techniques. They are not the only ways to teach and to ski or ride but they represent systems and mechanics that are well proven to be fundamental and effective. It is our hope that in pursuing PSIA-AASI certification, you will enhance and add to the effective knowledge, skills and strengths you already possess, as opposed to replacing one belief system with another.

Membership Policies

Annual member dues are $150 and the dues cycle is July 1 – June 30 each year. Membership dues will increase if not paid by June 30th each season. There are options for members to sign up for quarterly installments or annual auto pay. Certified members are required to maintain educational credits to keep the certification current. Active members are due for either 6 continuing education units (CEUs) every season, if you attain more than 6 CEUs during a season, you can transfer up to 6 CEUs to the following season. PSIA-AASI developed the Code of Conduct to help you achieve a level of personal conduct and standards of behavior that is consistent with the expectations of instructors across the country. 

Membership cycle is July 1st to June 30th. You may join at the link below. Membership is non-refundable.

Certification Information

Pursuing PSIA-AASI certification requires work on your part, but the effort is well worth the journey because you will become an even better skier or rider and educator than you already are, and have a lot of fun along the way. So what are you waiting for?  Click Join Now above to get started!


Over $20,000 in scholarships are granted to members annually to support your continuing education and certification. You can view them at the ‘Scholarships’ link from the menu on the right.

After you become a member you can attend educational clinics or start into the certification pathway. To view the certification pathway and education materials for each discipline, click the links below:

The education materials page at the discipline links above will have the outline, standards, scorecards and other pertinent information to download. Once you have decided you want to join and pursue certification, you can find a list of all clinics, including Level 1 certification, from the following link.

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