Membership & Certification Information

  • Join the Rocky Mountain Division and the PSIA-AASI National Organization by paying the annual dues
  • Members without certification are referred to as “Registered Members”
  • Membership must be current in order to attend any events through PSIA-AASI Rocky Mountain
  • Members can attend events under the age of 16 but will not be awarded any certification until they turn 16

Snowboard Level 1 Certification

Snowboard Level 2 Certification


Snowboard Level 3 Certification


Snowboard RMT Certificate


  • Certified Level 3 Snowboard
  • Current on Dues & Credit Hours
  • Children’s Specialist 2 and a Snowboard Freestyle Certificate are required for this event
  • Pass Snowboard Entrance Assessment
  • Submit a technical article to RM office 30 days prior to the assessment


  • Pass all 3 parts of the RMT On-Snow Assessment


Additional Info for All 3 Levels

  • Assessments are offered as a 3 day block or as 1 day modules throughout the season.  They can be taken all 3 days at once or individually within the 3 day block.
  • Any part of the level 2 and 3 assessments can be retaken individually if not passed.
  • Assessments (whether passed or failed) count toward a member’s credit hour requirement.
  • Written assessments are now offered on-line.
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