Membership Status



  • Instructor is teaching full or part-time during a season

  • Annual membership dues for current members are required and are due on or before June 30 every year. $130 is the dues fee for membership in both Rocky Mountain Division and National organization of PSIA-AASI

  • 12 hours (2 days) of educational clinics are required every other year for certified instructors. Each clinic day constitutes six hours of clinic credit. You may also take a one-day clinic every year, for six credit hours each year


  • Inactive status is not a voluntary status – this is a status Active members are moved to if they are delinquent in the CEU requirements.

  • Members will remain Inactive until they catch up on all CEU’s due for that season, at which point their status will move back to active.

  • Members will remain Inactive for a period of 4 seasons, if they have still not attained the required CEU’s, they will be automatically moved to Alumni status



  • Must be at least 75 years of age

  • Must have at least 10 years of membership in PSIA-RM

  • Annual divisional dues payment are $20 less than active status

  • Senior members are still required to meet the educational credit requirements



  • Instructor is not teaching, not planning to return to teaching

  • Must submit a request for status change

  • Must have at least 6 years of membership in PSIA-AASI

  • Annual divisional dues payment of $34 and National dues payment of $30 required

  • Alumni members are not required to meet the educational credit requirements, and certifications are expired
  • Must complete the reinstatement program if alumni members wish to move back to active status

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