Reinstatement Process

The reinstatement process was set up to provide former members a pathway to return to active membership without loss of their prior certification level(s). The reinstatement process is for you if you are a previous member who wishes to rejoin as a Certified Member or if you are an Alumni Member who wishes to return to being a Certified Member.

  • The reinstatement process is the same for all disciplines.
  • If you want to rejoin PSIA-AASI and do not want to pursue or maintain your certification, you can do so as an Alumni Member (if you meet the qualifications) or as a Registered Member and bypass the education requirements of the reinstatement process.
  • If you are an Alumni Member and want to return to a Certified Member, you must follow the reinstatement process and pay 50% of the reinstatement fees.

If you were a member of PSIA-AASI Rocky Mountain in the past, and are interested in reinstating and need more information please fill out the Reinstatement Request Form below.

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