Education Materials


Telemark Documents
National Certification Standards55.8 KB
Telemark Skiing Fundamentals137.4 KB
Telemark Level 1
New Snowsports Instructor Guide5.3 MB
Tele-Level-1-Workbook-2023110.7 KB
Telemark Level 1 Assessment Form0.0 B
Telemark Level 1 Movement Analysis Format107.9 KB
Telemark-Level-1-Assessment-Activities-Checklist-23-24302.4 KB
Telemark-Level-1-Assessment-Overview-23-24133.4 KB
Telemark Level 2
Telemark Level 2 Assessment Forms0.0 B
Telemark Level 2 Checklist397.4 KB
Telemark Level 2 Movement Analysis Format112.8 KB
Telemark Level 2 Workbook173.1 KB
Telemark-Level-2-Assessment-Overview-23-24136.0 KB
Telemark Level 3
Telemark Level 3 Assessment Forms0.0 B
Telemark Level 3 Checklist397.4 KB
Telemark Level 3 Movement Analysis Format113.2 KB
Telemark Level 3 Workbook173.1 KB
Telemark-Level-3-Assessment-Overview-23-2486.2 KB
Telemark RMT
1. Telemark RMT Overview & Application136.2 KB
Telemark RMT Assessment Form26.1 KB
Telemark RMT Assessment Outline141.6 KB
Telemark RMT Checklist150.8 KB
Telemark RMT Movement Analysis Format83.4 KB
Telemark RMT Workbook94.7 KB
Telemark Course Outlines
Technical Foundations141.0 KB
Tele-401-Workshop-23-24160.3 KB
Tele-All-Mountain-Performance-23-24159.1 KB
Tele-Blues-and-Beyond-23-24159.1 KB
Tele-Bumps-23-24158.8 KB
Tele-Intro-to-NTN-23-24206.8 KB
Tele-Intro-to-Telemark-23-24158.9 KB
Tele-Refine-Your-Technique-23-24204.3 KB
Tele-Trees-23-24159.1 KB
Telemark Skiing for Alpine Certification159.3 KB
Telemark-Early-Season-Primer-2023-24156.7 KB
Telemark-Extreme-Mountain-Performance-23-24204.5 KB
Telemark-L2-3-Prep-Clinic-23-24159.6 KB
Telemark-Level-1-Prep-Clinic-23-24161.3 KB
Telemark-RMT-Prep-Clinic-23-24162.4 KB
Non-Discipline Specific Outlines
PSIA-AASI ADA Policy328.6 KB
SUP Clinic Outline267.5 KB
Wheels Up: Downhill Skills Mountain Bike Clinic165.2 KB
Wheels-Up: Checklist for the Downhill Mountain Bike Skills Clinic145.8 KB

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