Alpine Certification Pathway

Membership & Certification Information

  • Join the Rocky Mountain Division and the PSIA-AASI National Organization by paying the annual dues
  • Members without certification are referred to as “Registered Members”
  • Membership must be current in order to attend any events through PSIA-AASI Rocky Mountain
  • Members can attend events under the age of 16 but will not be awarded any certification until they turn 16

Alpine Level 1 Certification


Alpine Level 2 Certification


Alpine Level 3 Certification


Alpine RMT Certificate

Once the Ski Entrance Assessment has been passed, the candidate is entered into the RMT process. For more information on the new process, you can find the Alpine RMT Program Guide under Alpine Education Materials


Additional Info for Alpine Certification

  • Exams are offered as a 3 day block or as 1 day modules throughout the season. They can be taken all 3 days at once or individually within the 3 day block.
  • Any part of the level 2 and 3 assessments can be retaken individually if not passed.
  • Assessments (whether passed or failed) count toward a member’s credit hour requirement.
  • Written assessments are now offered on-line.


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