Alpine Level 3 Prerequisites:

  • Children’s Specialist 2 is a prerequisite that must be passed before attending the Alpine Level 3 On-Snow Assessment
  • Attend One Additional Event Prerequisite from the list below (must be taken after passing Alpine Level 2 and before you can attend any portion of the Level 3 assessment)
  • Pass Alpine Level III Professional Knowledge Exam at least 1 week before the start of the assessment
  • No electives used to fulfill the Alpine Level 2 prerequisites can be used towards Alpine Level 3

Teaching Electives:


Children’s Specialist 2 *Must pass in order to attend Alpine Level 3 certification

  • 24/25 Events TBD

Alpine Teaching Practice 301

  • 24/25 Events TBD

Full pass in a Certification in Another Discipline (if taken after Alpine Level 2)


Technical Electives:

Boot Balancing & Alignment

This event will not be offered during the 23/24 season


Movement Analysis 301 On-Snow or Indoor/Online
  • 24/25 Events TBD
Technical Foundations Clinic
    • 24/25 Events TBD
USSA Coaches Qualification (Must Submit as Outside Education Credit)

Skiing Electives:

Precision Skiing 301
  • 24/25 Events TBD
Freestyle Specialist 
  • 24/25 Events TBD
Ignite Your Alpine Cert Training with Telemark
    • 24/25 Events TBD

Alpine Level 3 On-Snow Assessments:

Movement Analysis/Technical Assessment
  • 24/25 Events TBD
Teach Assessment
  • 24/25 Events TBD
Ski Assessment
  • 24/25 Events TBD
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