Cross Country Certification Pathway


Membership & Certification Information

  • Join the Rocky Mountain Division and the PSIA-AASI National Organization by paying the annual dues
  • Members without certification are referred to as “Registered Members”
  • Membership must be current in order to attend any events through PSIA-AASI Rocky Mountain
  • Members can attend events under the age of 16 but will not be awarded any certification until they turn 16

Cross Country Level 1 Certification

  • If you have a background in XC coaching/teaching or hold  a Level 2 certification in another discipline there is a process for bypassing Level 1 certification.  Please see the additional notes at the bottom of page

Additional Cross Country Level 1 Pathway Info:


Cross Country Level 2 Certification


Cross Country Level 3 Certification


Cross Country RMT Certificate

*Attend a Rocky Mountain Trainer Prep clinic or attend XC PSIA Ed Staff Fall Training (to attend  PSIA Ed Staff Fall Training option you must contact XC chairperson prior and write a letter of intention of becoming a RMT)


Additional Notes:


Skipping Level 1 Certification and going directly to Level 2 Certification Process

Achieving XC level 1 Certification is always highly recommended for anyone pursuing higher certification because the candidate will be more familiar with PSIA XC teaching methodologies and will have a greater chance at success in the higher certification process. However, to accommodate those rare instances where a XC Instructor has a wealth of experience and knowledge specific to teaching and performing in another sport/discipline and wants to go directly to higher certification, the following guidelines have been established:

  • A current membership in PSIA
  • PSIA Level 2 Certification in another snowsports discipline OR have a minimum of 100 hours XC Ski teaching or coaching experience (must submit coaching hours to PSIA-RM office)
  • Pass a telephone interview with XC Chairperson
  • Complete all XC Level 2 prerequisites before attending a Level 2 assessment.
  • *If you do not pass at the level 2 certification level, you will not be given a level 1 certification.


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