Education Materials


Telemark Documents
National Certification Standards55.8 KB
Telemark Skiing Fundamentals137.4 KB
Telemark Level 1
Telemark Level 1 Assessment Form0.0 B
Telemark Level 1 Movement Analysis Format107.9 KB
Tele-Level-1-Workbook-2023110.7 KB
Telemark-Level-1-Assessment-Overview-23-24133.4 KB
Telemark-Level-1-Assessment-Activities-Checklist-23-24302.4 KB
New Snowsports Instructor Guide5.3 MB
Telemark Level 2
Telemark Level 2 Assessment Forms0.0 B
Telemark Level 2 Movement Analysis Format112.8 KB
Telemark-Level-2-Assessment-Overview-23-24136.0 KB
Telemark Level 2 Workbook173.1 KB
Telemark Level 2 Checklist397.4 KB
Telemark Level 3
Telemark Level 3 Assessment Forms0.0 B
Telemark-Level-3-Assessment-Overview-23-2486.2 KB
Telemark Level 3 Movement Analysis Format113.2 KB
Telemark Level 3 Workbook173.1 KB
Telemark Level 3 Checklist397.4 KB
Telemark RMT
Telemark RMT Assessment Form26.1 KB
Telemark RMT Movement Analysis Format83.4 KB
Telemark RMT Workbook94.7 KB
1. Telemark RMT Overview & Application136.2 KB
Telemark RMT Assessment Outline141.6 KB
Telemark RMT Checklist150.8 KB
Telemark Course Outlines
Technical Foundations141.0 KB
Telemark-Early-Season-Primer-2023-24156.7 KB
Tele-Bumps-23-24158.8 KB
Tele-Intro-to-Telemark-23-24158.9 KB
Tele-Blues-and-Beyond-23-24159.1 KB
Tele-All-Mountain-Performance-23-24159.1 KB
Tele-Trees-23-24159.1 KB
Telemark Skiing for Alpine Certification159.3 KB
Telemark-L2-3-Prep-Clinic-23-24159.6 KB
Tele-401-Workshop-23-24160.3 KB
Telemark-Level-1-Prep-Clinic-23-24161.3 KB
Telemark-RMT-Prep-Clinic-23-24162.4 KB
Tele-Refine-Your-Technique-23-24204.3 KB
Telemark-Extreme-Mountain-Performance-23-24204.5 KB
Tele-Intro-to-NTN-23-24206.8 KB
Non-Discipline Specific Outlines
Wheels-Up: Checklist for the Downhill Mountain Bike Skills Clinic145.8 KB
Wheels Up: Downhill Skills Mountain Bike Clinic165.2 KB
SUP Clinic Outline267.5 KB
PSIA-AASI ADA Policy328.6 KB

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