FAQs / What are CEUs?

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are required for certified members to maintain their certification. To maintain your educational requirements, members need to take 6 CEUs (continuing education units) every season. If you attain more than 6 CEUs during the season, you can transfer over up to 6 CEUs to the following season.


CEUs can be attained by attending on-snow or online events in any discipline or any region. If you are unable to meet your CEU requirement, you may be charged a $40 delinquent prepayment with your membership dues the following season and your status will move to Inactive until you catch up on the CEUs. If a member has remained Inactive for a period of four seasons, they will automatically be moved to Alumni status and their certification will expire at the end of the four seasons.


Members can check their CEU status by logging in at the Membership Portal. From your profile, it will tell you how many CEUs you are due for during the current season.

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