How do I access my Membership Card?

Membership cards are available for download from your profile. Log-in at and click “My Profile” and then click the

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What if I’m a current college student and can’t meet the educational requirements?

Good news! We have a Student CEU Waiver available for current students in a full time capacity pursuing a degree

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What is the youngest age at which a person can become a member?

There is no minimum age to become a member. Anyone under the age of 18 must have a paper application

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What is the Reinstatement Process?

A former member, from one to five years in arrears, may pay back dues to become active and retain certification.

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How much are dues for the season?

Dues for active membership are $125 annually. $56.00 of dues stays with the Rocky Mountain Division and $69.00 is the

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How do I transfer from another division to the Rocky Mountain Division?

When you want to transfer from one division to another, please contact the division you are wanting to transfer to

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Can I pay my dues online?

Yes, you can pay your dues online. You must logon to and log-in to access your online account. You

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I am a certified ski or snowboard instructor from another country. How can I become certified with PSIA-AASI RM?

You need to become a Registered Instructor and provide verification of any certifications that you might hold in another country.

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When do we get billed for dues?

We mail out our annual dues bill in early May. Dues are due on June 30th every year. After the

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I should be getting my 25, 35 or 45 year pin this year. How and when will that be shipped to me?

The National office recognizes 10, 20, 30 and 40 year members. The Rocky Mountain Division recognizes 25, 35, 45 and

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What’s up with the late fee?

We give all of our members almost two months to pay their annual dues. After the due date the late

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How often and approximately when should I receive 32 Degrees: The Journal of Professional Snowsports Instruction publication?

The 32 Degrees magazine is published and mailed in the Fall (late September or early October), December and February.

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What if I join half way through the season, how much are my dues?

The annual fee for a registered instructor is $125 per year and there is no proration. Our fiscal year starts

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When does the new Accessories Catalog ship?

The National office sends out the Accessories Catalog with complete listings of all the education materials and PSIA and AASI

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What is the Alumni dues rate, and what are the requirements?

Alumni status is for an instructor who is not teaching and not planning to return to teaching. You must submit

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How often and approximately when should I receive the RM division newsletter?

Rocky Mountain Division no longer sends out paper copies of Instructor to Instructor. Instead, a monthly Instructor to Instructor e-newsletter

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What is a member required to do to maintain certification?

To maintain your certification you must keep your Rocky Mountain dues current and you need to take 12 hours (formerly

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How do I order educational materials and books?

You can order educational materials online at

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Will any event fulfill the educational credit requirements? Even in another discipline?

Yes, any clinic in our curriculum guide counts as your educational credit requirements. You don’t have to take a clinic

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How do I order pro deals?

Pro deals are a benefit through the National office. Please call the National office at 303-987-9390 or go to their

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Can you tell me if my education credit is up to date?

You can check your online account on our web site or call the office at 970-879-8335 and have one of

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What if my schedule did not permit, and I was unable to participate in an event in the season I was “due?”

If you get behind on your clinic credits, in the next dues billing statement you will be assessed a prepay

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How can I find out more about the Scholarship program?

Scholarship info can be found here:

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What if I had a medical reason as to why I was unable to participate in an event in the season I was “due?”

If you’ve been injured and can not take clinics during a season that you are due clinic credits, please provide

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