Curiosity Corner – March 2024

The Curiosity Corner was suggested by a member committed to lifelong learning. Three suggestions will be offered in each newsletter as something to explore while stirring your cocoa, your cocktail, and your spirit off the hill.   If you have new and inspiring articles, podcasts, books, movies, etc. that might spark others’ learning, please share them with  Sometimes looking outside our own resources can expand our perspectives on our work with others or ourselves. Curious? Happy exploring!

Here is a book rich in ideas for improving people skills – “Supercommunicators” by Charles Duhigg.  This looks at ways to not only improve conversations, but connections, both vital for building really strong relationships with our guests, and all the people in our lives.


Along with completing a daily lesson safety debrief at Breckenridge, staff receives messages that go deeper into considering your own personal safety.  This TED Talk on optimism bias is helpful for reviewing your thinking on possibilities to keep you safe through the end of the season and beyond.


As Spring approaches, try developing some exercises, drills, or movement patterns and sensations for students to take into their off season time.  Foot arcs in the sand at the beach, downhill lies on the golf course, inline skating experience…What else can you offer them to keep the memory of great snow time with you in mind during Summer and Fall?

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