Alpine Tech Article by Gates Lloyd

Dec. 12, 2023


As I write, the holidays are around the corner. RM schools are furiously wrapping up the technical training, and nuts & bolts of operations for new and returning staff.


As these training sessions wrap up, it’s a good time to step back and consider the human side of our job – the Fundamentals of People Skills:


  • Develop relationships based on trust.
  • Engage in meaningful, two-way communication.
  • Identify, understand, and manage your emotions and actions.
  • Recognize and influence the behaviors, motivations, and emotions of others


One way – my way – to connect the Fundamentals to one another is to look at them upside down.


In my mind, I exercise the fourth to meet the challenge of the third Fundamental. An on it goes: exercise the third, move on to the second. If I’m successful, I enjoy the first – relationships – as an outcome of the fourth, third and second.


Trainers have been modeling the Fundamentals for in house training and Examiners have been doing the same in early season assessments across the Region.


At the 2023 Fall Education Staff Training session, the Alpine groups identified and the assessment skills of examiners:


  • Facilitate a positive environment that helps candidates perform
  • Collect information
  • Interpret and apply information relative to the National Standards
  • Deliver an interpretable result


Over two days, we went through a series of on-hill, practical scenarios to develop these skills.


After the training I realized that there is application beyond examining; these skills are closely linked to teaching.


Let’s rename them instructor skills…and see them through the lens of an instructor:


  • Facilitate a positive environment that helps guests achieve their motivations
  • Collect information by watching and asking questions of our guests
  • Interpret and apply information to develop an effective lesson plan to meet motivations
  • Deliver interpretable feedback to celebrate guest achievements and inspire development


I’m committed to using the People Skills to develop relationships based on trust. Over the holidays I’ll develop the practical instructor skills I mentioned above: set up a positive environment, collect information freely, have time to interpret it and offer feedback that connects with my guest.


Connecting People Skills Fundamentals to practical instruction skills gives me a plan as I go into this busy time of the season.


Best wishes.



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