2018/19 Discipline & Event Updates by Dave Gregory


  • RM’s Adaptive Member School Workshop occurred December 6-7, 2018 within the National.
  • Adaptive Academy at Breckenridge where a variety of topics were covered.  The event included several guest presenters and the latest RM adaptive news, updates and education/certification schedules and processes were covered.
  • Disability specific educational clinics are being offered online in September, October, November, January and February: Teaching Guests with Cognitive Related Diagnoses and Teaching Guests with Visual Diagnoses. Sign up here – https://members.psia-rm.org/civicrm/event/info?id=3307
  • Come a day early to the Disabled American Veterans Winter Sports Clinic (March 31 – April 5) and attend RM’s Adaptive Tethering Tune Up on March 30th in Snowmass.
  • A Ski Bike as an Adaptive Tool Clinic to the schedule at Spring Fling in Vail on April 6th.
  • A Level 1-2 Certification Prep Courses and Exams closer to the Front Range in Eldora to the calendar. They are being held in late January and late February and you can find more details at our events tab on our website.


  • The Skiing IDP has been updated with a few new tasks and updated descriptions to better align with the Skiing Fundamentals and the Alpine Technical Manual.
  • All of the old Level 2 Exam teaching interviews have been replaced by new interviews.
  • The Level 1 exam modules have been shuffled to Day 1: MA, Day 2: Skiing, and Day 3: Teach.
  • The Level 2 and 3 Assessment Forms have been updated to reflect the Teaching/Learning Cycle that was recently introduced in the Teaching Snowsports Manual.
  • Beginning in the 19/20 season, banking of ski sections (highlighted, basic blended, and applied) will no longer be possible. Click here to view Jonathan Ballou’s article.


  • Skill Based Play is a new elective clinic that will Improve your teaching skills and your own sense of play and adventure on the mountain.
  • The CS1 Workbook has been made electronic and can be found on the thesnowpros.org site. Click HERE for directions on how to navigate to it.
  • There are now two pathways to become a Children’s Education Staff Member – 1) obtain RMT qualification in Alpine, Snowboard, or Telemark and apply or 2) successfully pass the sliding component of the RMT exam and achieve Children’s RMT and then apply.


  • The Freestyle Outlines have been updated.
  • Foundations of Freestyle is a new alpine and snowboard clinic designed to explore freestyle through play. It is being offered for snowboard in Breckenridge and Vail, January 23rd and April 6th  Alpine can attend at Copper and Snowmass, February 6th and February 20th respectfully.



  • All course outlines were updated to incorporate learning objectives.
  • New Exam Outlines were created.
  • All education materials were updated to incorporate the new Teaching/learning Cycle.
  • There is a XC “Spring Fling” Clinic at Breckenridge, April 6-7.


  • For the 18/19 season, we’ll be holding the following exams –
  • The National Academy at Big Sky was the most heavily attended National Tele event in the past 5 years. Don’t miss out on this year’s Academy – http://www.thesnowpros.org/events/national-academy
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