Board Briefs April 28th, 2016

In attendance: Joel Munn, Rick Rodd, Rick Hinckley, Robin May, Jane Tarlow, Alicia Heckel, Jenny Cooper, Andy Docken, John Kirchner, Bob Lemley and Donnie Mechalke.  Also in attendance were Executive Director Dana Forbes, Dave Gregory, Stacey Gerrish, Patti Banks, Guy Sedillo, Rudy Miick, Jim Shaw, Chris Rogers, Jonathan Ballou and Dave Oliver

MINUTES: Donnie moved to approve the January 2016 Board minutes, as written.  Jane seconded the motion.  The motion carried unanimously.

PUBLIC COMMENT: There was no public or member comment.

Education Director – Dave Gregory

·         Scott Anfang would be stepping down from the position of Snowboard Chair.

·         Kristen Atkins stepping down as Adaptive Chair.

·         Discussions of how to proceed in China have been tabled until May.

·         National Team selection event had gone really well.

·         Feedback from the new required certification update clinic was very positive. Next two years will likely focus on teaching


Alpine Committee Chair – Jonathan Ballou

·         Planning for Fall Conference is to focus on establishing a national process (the how) for the examinations. He reviewed the relationship between the Fall Conference and the examiner exchange. Jonathan said that divisional representatives to the event would all be invited to the Fall Training.

·         Committee is discussing solutions on how the five alpine fundamentals are assessed at each level.

·         Also addressing concerns relative to candidates deficiencies in highlighted skills

·         Reviewed the plans for the Rookie Academy in New Zealand.

·         He noted that there is an emerging conversation regarding policy for international activities.

·         He cited several examples of multi-national trainings at different locations around the world.


Snowboard Committee Chair – Chris Rogers (for Scott Anfang)

·         New level 1 e-learning modules had been rolled out and successful

·         Good year for examiner advancement

·         Non-traditional clinics had been very successful.


Telemark Committee Chair – Jim Shaw

·         Events went well this year. Interest in Fall Training and in other upper-level events was high.

·         Positive feedback on the NEW RMT process.

·         Unfortunate that many resorts have made it more difficult and expensive for guests to rent tele equipment and take tele classes. He offered that the only way to generate interest in telemark is to increase its visibility and availability.


Alpine Freestyle Committee Chair – Dave Oliver

·         All of the FS events ran this year!

·         This summer the committee will solidify the workbooks and process, updating the scorecards and getting materials online.


Children’s Committee Chair – Stacey Gerrish

·         Kid’s events were very busy this year.

·         Planning to add a full-day of on-snow training for the children’s staff

·         Stacey said that the second CRMT had gone well, with four successful candidates.

·         The CS3 discussion had been tabled until summer.

·         Kids hired 6 new examiners


Cross-country Committee Chair – Patti Banks

·         XC Had a successful RMT this year

·         Plans to hire another XC examiner next year

·         Addressing challenges in getting XC events going in the southern district.


Total Training Program Report – Guy Sedillo


·         17 participating schools

·         165 days of training

·         942 hours of training

·         1259 people trained

·         36 Ed Staff members utilized

·         88 Alpine Days

·         45 Snowboard Days

·         18 Adaptive days

·         6 Kids days

·         Next season we will better survey and track participants.

·         TTP while a scholarship program is creating growth in other areas of the business

·         Exploring using the TTP model for new hire training noting that this would provide great exposure to people who are not yet members.


Executive Director Update

·         RM’s focus is on providing a quality product rather than on pushing membership however membership is at an all-time high at 7,727.

·         2015/16 saw a spike in event revenue. Credit this to increase in rate, membership and overall satisfaction in events

·         Dana commended the office staff and reviewed future staffing needs.

·         No dues increase for 2016-17 and that future increases should not be more than $1 – $2 at any one time. She reviewed the discussion of coordinating dues increases with ASEA and moving toward a percentage-based dues model.


Lifetime Memberships

Joel presented nominations for Carl and Francie Peterson for lifetime memberships. He reviewed their accomplishments and history. Dana reviewed the procedure.



Joel nominated Carl Peterson for a lifetime RM membership. Donnie seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously.



Jane nominated Francie Peterson for a lifetime RM membership. Robin seconded. The motion carried unanimously


ASEA Update: Joel Munn

Reviewed the extended process through which ASEA is conducting its search for a new COO. He said the search is being led by Sterling Martin.


MSM Meeting Update

Dana reported that about 12 directors attended for a working ski day. She said the among the topics discussed were the policies regarding guest instructors, what the directors want and need from Fall Training and ideas for a new product for manager training. She said that the TTP and the event calendar were also discussed.


Outgoing Board Member – Alicia Heckel

Joel and the rest of Board thanked Alicia for her service and Dana presented her with a plaque.

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