Board Briefs 7-14-2015

Quarterly meeting of the Rocky Mountain Board of Directors Steamboat Springs CO July 14th 2015

For those of you who were unable to attend last week’s board meeting below is a “cliff notes” version of the minutes. For a full copy of the minutes please email

In attendance: Board members; Joel Munn, Rick Hinckley, Rick Rodd, Jane Tarlow, Robin May, Andy Docken, Jenny Cooper, Erik Mogensen, Donnie Mechalke.

Those absent: Alicia Houchen, John Kirschner, Bob Lemley

Others present: Patti Banks, Jim Shaw, Chris Rogers, Barbara Szwebel, Jonathan Ballou, Dana Forbes, Dave Gregory, Carolyn Krueger

Meeting was called to order at 9:10

  • April and May meeting minutes approved
  • No one from membership in attendance
  • Education update Dave Gregory; recapped Examiner exchange, Regional Team Selection, Learn to be a Ski instructor classes held through Red Rocks Community College and NM University for Alpine Level 1, summer clinic offerings, new Children’s Chair Stacy Gerrish.
  • Children’s, Freestyle, Alpine,  Snowboard, Adaptive, Cross Country and Telemark reports
  • John Kirschner History of RM proposal project; board approved $5000 to the project
  • ASEA Rep update: Joel Munn; Mark Dorsey has resigned and they will be forming a CEO search committee. Interski is expected to be fully funded through donations so the whole team will be attending
  • Erik Mogenson: Updated the board that ASEA may be offering iTrainSnowsports, his company, a contract to provide a clinician staffing tool to ASEA
  • Budget and Finance Committee briefly discussed the investment income encouraging that we have Larimer Capital present at our next meeting. Dana suggested that 1-3% of total operating income should be donated towards this fund
  • Executive Director Update: Membership increased 5.6%, event revenue increased 5%, moving forward to the proposed FY 15/16 budget; no dues increase recommended, event fee increase of $5 per event day, $30,000 in education projects proposed. The addition of a new 8-month position of Training Manger also added to budget. Both the RM and EF proposed budgets were approved.
  • New Board Committees: Technology, Proportional voting exploration, Task force to establish process for replacement of office personnel in the future and recruitment of board members
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