Update from the Director of Education’s Desk

As I’m writing this update, it’s currently snowing hard here in Steamboat.  I hope it’s doing the same at your resort and it leads to some great conditions for you before Spring Break business hits all of us in March.  Here are some highlights from this season so far from my desk:


Certification Update Mandatory Clinic: We are excited for our new clinic that will be required for all certified alpine and snowboard membership to complete every four years.  We started offering this Certification Update (also called What’s New Cert Review) clinic this season.  The focus of this clinic will change each year in order to highlight any current changes or approaches in the industry.  This year’s focus is on skiing and the new National Standards. If you are in the process of furthering your certification (example: taking exam pre-requisites and/or an exam) then you are not required to take this.


Alpine Level 3 and the Children’s Specialist 2 requirements: When the CS2 requirement for alpine Level 3 was put in place, those members who had successfully passed their MA and Teach days were given three years to complete their ski day without the CS2 requirement.  This three year window closed last spring.  Starting this season, those pros who did not complete the process during the three year window will now need to complete their CS2 as well as successfully pass the Level 3 exam. So to be clear, anyone who is not currently certified alpine Level 3 must now have their CS2. If this is not clear then please call the office 970-879-8335.


Discipline committee positions open: Calling all volunteers! If you are certified level 2 or above and are interested in sitting on the alpine or snowboard committee please send a letter of intent to dgregory@psia-rm.org by March 1st at 5:00. The commitment is for a three year term. Committees meet 2-6 times a year and work on educational projects is ongoing. For a description of committee policy and procedures go to http://www.psia-rm.org/membership/organizational-chart/by-laws.


Hiring New Education Staff: The alpine and snowboard staff is currently in the process of hiring new staff for the 2015/16 season.  We have had many qualified candidates apply and we are all excited to see how they progress through the rest of the hiring process.  Both alpine and snowboard have their final interview on snow in April.


2016 PSIA/AASI National Team selection: RM has started looking forward to the 2016 PSIA National Team selection.  Based off of National’s discussions, RM has decided to hold a tryout this season for those who are going to the National tryout.  The pros that are chosen through this process will be given a divisional endorsement to be included in their application for the National tryout.  Alpine had 38 pros attend the first part of the tryout and 22 were chosen to move on to the late spring final selection.  Snowboard is still taking applications and will be holding their selection in April.  Best of luck to everyone involved!

-Dave Gregory, Director of Education

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