Certification Pathway

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Telemark Level 1 Certification

  • Minimum 16 years of Age
  • Complete Telemark Level 1 Workbook
  • Complete Alpine online E-Learning Module prior to assessment
  • Attend 2-Day Telemark Level 1 Certification (you must pass this)
  • Current on Dues & Credit Hours

Telemark Level 2/3 Certification


  • Telemark Level 1 Certified or Certified Level 2 or higher in any other discipline
  • Complete Certification Workbook
  • Complete one of the Prerequisites: (Tech. Foundations, Tele Blues & Beyond, Tele Bumps, Tele Trees, Tele Extreme Mtn. Performance, Tele 2/3 Prep)
  • Current on Dues & Credit Hours


  • Attend Telemark 2/3 Certification, Level 2 or 3 is earned based on meeting Level 2 or 3 standards

Reference Materials

Telemark Documents
National Certification Standards55.8 KB
Telemark Instructor Resource and Reference Guide254.5 KB
Telemark Skiing Fundamentals137.4 KB
Telemark Level 1
New Snowsports Instructor Guide5.3 MB
Telemark Level 1 Assessment Form25.9 KB
Telemark Level 1 Booklet4.0 MB
Telemark Level 1 Movement Analysis Format99.2 KB
Telemark Level 1 Outline126.1 KB
Telemark Level 1 What to Expect on Exam Day167.8 KB
Telemark Level 1 Workbook168.7 KB
Telemark Levels 2-3
Telemark Level 2-3 Assessment Form25.9 KB
Telemark Level 2-3 Booklet249.2 KB
Telemark Level 2-3 Movement Analysis Format141.8 KB
Telemark Level 2-3 Outline114.6 KB
Telemark Level 2-3 What to Expect on Exam Day154.8 KB
Telemark Level 2-3 Workbook148.1 KB
Telemark RMT
Telemark RMT Assessment Form26.1 KB
Telemark RMT Booklet158.7 KB
Telemark RMT Checklist326.0 KB
Telemark RMT Movement Analysis131.3 KB
Telemark RMT Overview230.7 KB
Telemark RMT What To Expect On Exam Day152.9 KB
Telemark RMT Workbook62.3 KB
Telemark Course Outlines
Introduction To Telemark Skiing92.5 KB
Telemark 401 Workshop50.5 KB
Telemark Extreme Mountain Performance99.2 KB
Telemark Level 1 Prep Clinic69.6 KB
Telemark Level 2-3 Prep Clinic77.7 KB
Telemark RMT84.2 KB
Telemark RMT Prep Clinic90.6 KB
Telemark: Blues & Beyond150.4 KB
Telemark: Bumps49.0 KB
Telemark: Intro to NTN86.9 KB
Telemark: Refine Your Technique260.2 KB
Womens Telemark Clinic82.1 KB
Non-Discipline Specific Outlines
Experience-Driven Learning & Teaching Lab - Prework76.2 KB
Experience-Driven Learning & Teaching Lab Narrative60.9 KB
Experience-Driven Learning & Teaching Lab w/ Horst Abraham204.2 KB
Performance Based Tuning & Waxing642.4 KB
PSIA-AASI ADA Policy328.6 KB
SUP - Intro to Stand up Paddle Board Clinic Outline175.8 KB
SUP event Checklist - Intro to Stand up Paddle Board202.4 KB
Supervisor Skills Workshop78.8 KB
Supervisor Skills Workshop Agenda166.0 KB
Wheels-Up: Checklist for the Downhill Mountain Bike Skills Clinic148.9 KB
Wheels-Up: Downhill Mountain Bike Skills Clinic40.0 KB

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