Directions on how to complete the Alpine Online E-Learning Module (LMS) below:

Once you click the link below, you will need to log-in using your log-in credentials for the PSIA-AASI account at www.thesnowpros.org. If you just joined as a new member and have not yet received an email from www.thesnowpros.org with your log-in credentials, please click the “Non-Member – Register Now” button in the top right and click “Not a Member? Create New Account.”

Please note, the Alpine Level I E-Learning Course is different from the New Instructor Course. Please make sure you take the correct e-learning course. Click the orange “Add to cart” button in the middle of the page. Click “Checkout” on the right-hand side of the screen and enter your information. Click “Place Order. ” You will then receive a confirmation for your order, there will be a link under the Order Details to access the e-learning course. 

There are three lessons that need to be completed for Alpine before you attend the on-snow exam, there will be quizzes at each section that you must complete 100% to move on to the next session. If you miss some questions, you can go back and review the correct answers and take the test again:

·         The Skills Concept

·         Movement Analysis

·         Teaching

We will be monitoring the completion of your LMS, it must be completed at least 72 hours before the start of the on-snow exam. You do not have to complete it all at once, you can complete sections and save them for later.

To complete the Alpine e-learning module, please click this link: https://lms.thesnowpros.org/product/alpine-level-i-e-learning-course/



Directions on how to complete the Snowboard Online E-Learning Module (LMS) below:

The snowboard e-learning module is under construction and should be available soon, please check back for more details.