Curiosity Corner – November 2022

Here’s a newer addition to the newsletter, suggested by a member committed to lifelong learning.  Three suggestions will be offered in each newsletter as something to explore while stirring your cocoa, your cocktail, and your spirit off the hill.   If you have new and inspiring articles, podcasts, books, movies, etc. that might spark others’ learning, please share them with  Sometimes looking outside our own resources can expand our perspectives on our work with others or ourselves.  Curious? Happy exploring!

Book: For a thorough look at coaching that grew out of work by one of the early associates of Tim Gallwey and the inner Game work, try Coaching for Performance by Sir John Whitmore.  Look for the newest (5th) edition of what has been called the world’s #1 coaching book.  While it has a focus on coaching in business, most of the information is directly transferable to the slopes.

Video: A video delving into the realm of People Skills Fundamentals:  Putting High-quality Connections into Practice – a video by Jane Dutton and Monica Worline, leading experts, authors, and teachers at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan. Learn about the benefits at time stamp 13:55.
If you’d rather read, click HERE.

Article: An educator’s thoughts on reframing the question “How did that feel?” into “What did you feel?”  Self-Awareness: The Connection Between “Emotional” Feeling and “Physical” Feeling by Peter Hoppock, PSIA-C Examiner Emeritus.  The article begins on page 4.

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