Board Briefs 9-14-2017

PSIA – Rocky Mountain – AASI

Board Briefs

Salida, CO – September 14, 2017


President Joel Munn called the regular meeting to order with the following Board members present: Rick Hinckley, Robin May, Jane Tarlow, Andy Docken, Donnie, Mechalke, Jacob Levy, Andy Docken, Dan Huston, Jenny Cooper, Tom Burch, Ted Champion.  Also in attendance was Executive Director Dana Forbes, Director of Education Dave Gregory, Director of Operations Carissa Eggers, Events & Education Manager Tim Kenney, committee chairs David Oliver, Tony Macri, Chris Rogers, Patti Banks, Stacey Gerrish. Tanya Milelli is absent from the meeting. Carissa Eggers recorded the meeting and prepared the minutes. 



  • New Freestyle committee co-chairs David Oliver and Tony Macri.
  • New Alpine e-learning module will be in place by November 1st.
  • New Snowboard e-learning module coming as well.
  • National has a new LMS site to host the e-learning, quizzes, workbook, standards, etc.
  • The International Education Taskforce (IET) has been working on relations. AADIDES is the PSIA of Argentina, we are there now holding Telemark exams.
  • Education Leadership Council (ELC) has been active in planning Fall Conference 


Alpine Chair Report – Jonathan Ballou: Jenn Metz and Gates Lloyd will be attending Fall Conference on behalf of Rocky Mountain Alpine, Jonathan will be facilitating a group. This year it will be broken down into two groups: one group focusing on creating learning outcomes and the other group focusing on developing teaching fundamentals and identifying key sets for examiners and best practices to train them. PSIA National is currently working with Penn State University to potentially award a degree for PSIA certification. The National team reshot all of the tasks for each discipline that will be housed on the Movement Matrix. Best thing about this is it is no longer on RM’s plate to maintain these videos.

The Alpine RMT process is going through an overhaul. It will be based on a two year process, can complete faster but must be complete in two years. There will be an entrance skiing exam to determine the participants. Non linear pathway with a mentorship program.

New this year for the Alpine Level 1 process if a member is not affiliated with a ski school they must attend a Level 1 exam prep first. It will be $100 for the two day prep and will help out the Level 1 exam.

Snowboard Chair Report – Chris Rogers: RM hired 7 new examiners which is going to help our staffing this season.Last year RM rolled out paired examining at Level 2 and it was very positive feedback from both the candidates and examiners. Hoping to roll out for Level 3, but not sure if RM has the staff to do that yet.

Children’s Chair Report – Stacey Gerrish: Stacey will be attending Fall Conference and Dusty Dyar will be facilitating. Stacey and Dusty have also been tasked with leading the next Children’s Technical Manual. Children’s committee is looking at the National LMS and how that plays into the Children’s workbooks and exams.

Cross Country Chair Report – Patti Banks: Hoping two days of clinics being offered at CCSAA at the National Conference in Colorado will help bring more people and interest in joining. National is taking a more active role in marketing the National Cross Country academies.

No questions on the Telemark and Adaptive reports

Freestyle Chair Report – David Oliver & Tony Macri: FS1 process used to be a 2-day clinic and a 1-day exam but the exam day was very cramped so it will now be a 1-day clinic and a 2-day exam and it will allow participants to come back and re-sit a module piece they failed. Snowboard is looking at coming up with a similar hiring process for Snowboard Freestyle examiners as Alpine currently does. Possibly creating a new online quiz for freestyle.



  • National is looking at a new database in the next few years.
  • Carolyn Krueger retired at the end of June, Carissa Eggers has moved into the Director of Operations position. Tim has moved to the Education and Events Manager. Rachel Crispino has just been hired as Membership & Events Logistics Coordinator.
  • New products coming out this year are Training Academy 10 day event. Alpine only in November and then Alpine and Snowboard in April.
  • Management Training course during MSM Fall Training
  • Two new telemark clinics this year.
  • Scholarships will continue around the same as last year, deadline September 30th for most of the annual scholarships with some scholarship deadlines later. The membership scholarship was completely underutilized so we changed the deadline to mid-January. Only about 8 schools participated.
  • Alaska division has now dissolved and Northwest has absorbed them.
  • This year’s biggest budget change is going towards supporting the education staff and increasing pay for CS1, Level 1 and FS1, increasing per diem for lunch, changing travel pay for those travelling more than 180 miles, increasing training pay for ed staff to 12 hours instead of 10
  • The discount for members who joined after Feb. 15th is no longer.



Donnie Mechalke moved to accept the minutes from the previous meeting. Rick Hinckley seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously.

There is an application from Peter Donahue for NSCD Taos Winter Sports Team S.O. Ski Camp.


Donnie moved to donate the total $2,500 scholarship to the NSCD program. Tom seconded. The motion carried unanimously.


Joel makes a motion to accept the change in title from Executive Director to Chief Executive Officer.  Rick seconded. Discussion. Motion was denied.


Donnie moved to adjourn the regular meeting of the RM at 4:59 p.m.  Jacob seconded. The motion carried unanimously.


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