Director of Education Report – By Dave Gregory

As the final leaves are falling and ski and ride videos are consuming all of my social media accounts, I’d like to let you know about a few educational announcements and reminders.

Alpine and Snowboard Level 1 members are no longer required to attend the Certification Update Clinic. 

As announced last season, we introduced the Certification Update clinic as a required clinic every four years for all certified alpine and snowboard members. Click here to read the announcement. The purpose of the clinic is to keep members who are no longer in the certification process up to date with current methodology and education standards.  After running several of these events over the last couple of years, we have listened to the membership and we have decided to remove the requirement from Level 1 certified members.  This change will allow our Level 1’s to focus on their pathway towards Level 2.  It also will allow us to match experience levels in the CU clinic to make it more productive for all attendees.

Children Specialist 1 Exemption for Alpine Level 2 candidates will expire at the end of the 16/17 season.

When the Children’s Specialist 1 requirement was introduced to the Level 2 alpine certification pathway, we provided a temporary exemption to the CS1 requirement for those members who had previously passed the Teaching module.  This is the last season the exemption will remain in place.  Starting in the 17/18 season, the CS1 component of the alpine Level 2 will be required for all members working through the exam process.

Required Education Credits reminder for all members.

Don’t forget to keep your membership current by maintaining your education credit requirement through PSIA/AASI clinics taken every two years.  This is a great opportunity to refresh your knowledge, try a clinic in a different discipline, share your experiences, and spend time with your peers in our various clinic offerings.

If you are unable to find a clinic that fits into your busy schedule, give the RM office a call and we can discuss fulfilling your credits through our non-PSIA/AASI program.  This is a great option for those who are taking non-PSIA/AASI classes and are unable to make it to one of our clinics.  There is a fee involved. If you are a full time student, see our newsletter section about the new Student CEU Waivers we are offering.

(Inactive member requirement is once every 4 years, 25 year member requirement is once every 5 years and 35 year members or over the age of 70 are no longer required to attend clinics)

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