Board Briefs October Meeting

PSIA – Rocky Mountain- AASI
Board of Directors Meeting
October 14, 2015

Board Briefs
Roll call:  Dana Forbes, Joel Munn, Rick Hinckley, Rick Rodd, Jane Tarlow, John Kirschner, Erik Mogensen, Jenny Cooper, Donnie Mechalke, Andy Docken, Robin May

Absent: Alicia Heckel

Others present: Dave Gregory, Director of Education; Carissa Eggers, minute taker

  • Discussion on recording the meetings of the board
  • July meeting minutes approved
  • No questions from members as none were present
  • Conference call with Larimer Capitol our investment firm to discuss the long term goals and strategies for EF and RM investments
  • Guy Sedillo hired as Training Manager for RM
  • Annual scholarships awarded to 62 applicants
  • 60 New membership scholarships for RM approved granting free membership to NEW members selected by their school
  • Board approved a $2500 scholarship for NSCD to support special a Olympic training camp at Mt Hood
  • Telemark is changing their RMT process, allowing candidates to have a checklist they can get checked off by examiners instead of attending a 3-day RMT Exam.
  • Snowboard is developing an e-learning module for their Snowboard ITC to be implemented at the start of the 15-16 season
  • Clinician Staffing Tool developed by Tyler Barnes is up and running.
  • RM is holding some Level 1 and Level 2 clinics and exams with China Magic Ski School this fall and winter
  • Board approved the signing of Eastern Division’s version of the Affiliation Agreement with the exception of term length
  • Committee and Task Force updates on the History Project, Proportionate Voting, Budget and Finance and Scholarship. Technology Task Force formed
  • Discussion on Executive Director Contract
  • Next Meeting proposed for January 14th in Vail


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