Kees Brenninkmeyer Foundation

Dear PSIA Instructors,

I’m writing from the Kees Brenninkmeyer Foundation and would like to touch base with you and your organization.  Our mission is to financially assist alpine guides, patrollers or instructors who require surgery in order to continue their careers.  Since our inception in 2011, we have financially supported just under 100 candidates with career-threatening injuries worldwide.

This year, it is our goal to increase mission outreach and awareness within PSIA/AASI.   In a profession such as ski and snowboard instructing, there is much risk and loss of income if unable to perform the mandatory duties involved within this career.  We as a foundation would like to financially support candidates who meet our key criteria with any surgical procedures and associated rehabilitation that would enable a limitless career return.

Key Criteria

1.     Career threatening injury (chronic or acute).

2.    Documentation supporting career and/or career intent within the guiding, patrolling, or instructing organization.

3.     Medical expenses related to injury would present a considerable financial hardship.

To find more information, please visit our website, our Facebook Page (please “like” us too), or email me directly at

Thank you for your time.

Warm Regards,

Joanna Greenwalt
Executive Director
Kees Brenninkmeyer Foundation

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