Governance Task Force Report & RM Response

Here is a link to the Governance Task Force Report: GTF Report


Rocky Mountain’s Response


September 3, 2013

To: Neil Bussiere – Chair – ASEA GTF and the GTF members

From: The Rocky Mountain Executive Committee Joel Munn, Rick Hinckley and Rick Rodd


Please accept our gratitude for the work the GTF has done in compiling the Governance Task Force Report dated Aug. 30 2013.  Clearly all members participated with a sense of responsibility and passion.  We sincerely acknowledge and appreciate their efforts. Additionally, we appreciate the communications stating an understanding that these are simply recommendations as well as the Task Force’s respect for necessary reviews by divisional leadership.

Our response is fairly succinct.  Relative to The Findings section, we can agree with Points 1-5 in principal.  That said, we must clarify our tentative agreement.  Point 1 states: “we need a corporation to coordinate and perform tasks at the national level, including ownership of our trademarks….” 

We have stated since our initial Letter of Intent dated June 2012 our commitment to a national entity or, as Point 1 states, “corporation”.  That said, we see Point 1 as:

1)    A joint venture of the divisional companies.  Lakewood is an administrative and support group, Service and Marketing Center, House and/or Caretaker for The Properties, spokesman nationally and internationally etc.  They work for the “new board” on behalf of the divisions. They are not ASEA or PSIA-AASI.  The 9 divisions are the national entity collectively.

2)   Divisions are the 9 Primary Members of the joint venture as business entities, and thus represent their member owners directly as regional companies. Their divisional members are the financial contributors to a formal and legal national entity among the 9.

3)   The “new board” will have proportional voting weighted by the number of members contributing and therefore the proportional financial support to the joint venture.  Divisional leadership directly represents the members’ and their financial investment to a national entity and must be able to safeguard their investment.

Once these points are clarified within Point 1, we would be in total agreement with Points 2, 3, 4, and 5 relative to the governance of the new corporation.  We sincerely hope this new corporation can be created with By-Law changes to the present ASEA.  The initial step in this direction is for the present ASEA Board to adapt Core Recommendations A and B of the Report.  We strongly encourage these changes be adopted by November 1, 2013.




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