Response to Peter Donahue’s Email

August 18, 2013

The leadership of Rocky Mountain (RM) wants to state clearly that the email you received from Peter Donahue was sent without the RM Division’s knowledge.  Peter’s perspective comes solely from his seat on the National Board, and although his position is called the “RM representative,” we remind you that he was appointed by the National organization and does not directly represent our division. The Leadership of RM feels that his comments incorrectly represent both the issues and the efforts RM has made to clearly define the relationships between the divisions and ASEA.   The fact that you were sent this message without our knowledge demonstrates the core problem that needs to be addressed – the effort of the national group to control the operations of the divisions.

Your RM board is not discussing a “doomsday outcome,” but rather maintains the right to explore a variety of possible scenarios to deal with the national organization’s attempt to force divisional compliance with the threat to remove the use of the PSIA marks and logos. If you reference the recent interview with Joel Munn, our president, you will see that we stated our options with you in an effort to not only keep you informed but to also survey you, the member, for which direction we should go.

We want you to know the certification you receive from RM as a member of the RM division is not in jeopardy.  We remain actively involved in a process to resolve our differences. We are seriously concerned about the timing of Mr. Donahue’s email and feel it has been used to misdirect your attention from the positive and well-intentioned process we are committed to on your behalf, and are directly addressing it to the national leadership. If you have any questions or concerns, your Board of Directors and Executive Director are more than willing to talk with you to provide accurate information and assurance that we are working most diligently to provide the best possible organization and structure for our membership.

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