You spoke and we listened…Rocky Mountain has a NEW database!

Most of you reading this have been members for 5+ years so you know how good it was, when it changed and just how frustrating it became. Because of this, Rocky Mountain decided to go back to their own database. On July 1st we made the switch to CiviCRM. While we appreciate the effort on ASEA’s part to have one central system, unfortunately, it just did not work. After three exhausting and expensive years on the ASEA (aka National) database, we knew it was in your best interest to make this move.

The three main reasons:

1.      Cost savings: The new system will cost 1/3 of what we were paying ASEA, that’s a $10,000 annual savings! So not only will we not need to raise dues next year, we will be able to continue to fund scholarships, expand our curriculum and better serve you, our members.

2.      Ease of use: The new system is cleaner, slicker and way easier to navigate through event sign up and dues paying. In fact if you haven’t paid your dues yet – go to and see for yourself just how easy it is!

3.      We care: We embrace Rocky Mountains Divisions’ unique needs and demographic differences from the other 8 divisions, so this allows us to support you, our members, better.

Unfortunately the national database system went down on June 28th, therefore if you paid your dues you may still appear to be unpaid on the ASEA database and webpage, limiting your access to benefits. If you paid via the RM office or website we have processed your dues and are updating the national office with your info. Please be patient, they are actively working to resolve the issues and back log to restore the accuracy of your membership profile and benefits.

We would like to personally thank Tyler Barnes of Popstar Digital for designing and implementing a system that works for you. Our launch went off without a hitch and we look forward to reaping the benefits of the new system as event registrations begin in the fall.

Please don’t hesitate to call our office if you have any questions or comments on the new system. 970-879-8335

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