Board Update to Negotiations with ASEA

PSIA-RM-AASI Board Update re: ASEA Negotiations

Dear Member,

In our continuing effort to keep you informed concerning the ongoing negotiations with ASEA, the Board of Directors of PSIA-RM-AASI, offers this brief update:

  • We continue to work with our counterparts from PSIA-NW, PSIA-I and PSIA-E to find common points of agreement concerning the future of our organizations and our relationship with ASEA and the other 5 regions. In mid-April, the Division Presidents, selective BoD members, and counsels for the four Divisions that make up the Joint Resolution will convene in Salt Lake City to continue to develop our understanding of the issues before us and to reaffirm our commitment to the group that represents over 70% of the ASEA membership. We are committed to finding new pathways to a National Organization with an unquestionable form of representational governance for all ten entities and the associated Marks and Properties.
  • Recently, ASEA initiated a Governance Task Force and chose a facilitator to steer this group of yet to be determined regional representatives. ASEA has just received a letter from the facilitator as to his recommendations for the approach and the make-up for this ASEA Task Force. It seems to be universally agreed that a solution is wanted before the early activities for next season begin.
  • We will continue to act in the interest of our membership as a volunteer Board with a spirit of openness and cooperation, and will continue our good faith effort to reconcile the issues before us.  We will provide another update following the Salt Lake City meeting, and remain available by email for any questions or comments you may have on this topic.


If you have any questions, please contact Joel Munn at

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