Directions on how to complete the Online E-Learning Module (LMS) below:

Please use a browser other than Mozilla Firefox, videos will not play properly if using Firefox. If you get a blank screen where the video should be playing, you may need to download Adobe Flash Player to get it to work.

The LMS must be completed from a laptop or computer, it does not work from a cell phone or most tablets

Once there, you will need to log-in using your log-in credentials for the PSIA RM Member Portal you set up when you joined as a new member. Once logged in, please click the “Then go to the RM LMS here: https:lms.psia-rm.org” link below the red “Login Over Here!” lettering in red.

Once logged in to the LMS, there will be a dashboard with the “Alpine Level 1 Online Course” or “Snowboard Level 1 Course” depending on which one you are taking, you will need to click that and subscribe to the group. You will get an access denied screen if you do not subscribe first! Once you have subscribed, you can click on the lessons button at the bottom. There are three lessons that need to be completed for Alpine and two lessons for Snowboard before you attend the on-snow exam:

  • Alpine: Introduction to PSIA, The Skills Concept, Movement Analysis & Teaching
  • Snowboard: Introduction to AASI, Snowboard Teaching System


There will be several sections within each module, you will need to complete a quiz at the end of each section (please only click the green “Next” button to navigate through the quizzes, if you click this button at the start of the presentation it will skip all the information). Make sure you click the green “Finish” button when you are finished with each quiz.  We will be monitoring the completion of your LMS, it must be completed at least 72 hours before the start of the on-snow exam. You do not have to complete it all at once, you can complete 1 lesson a day until they are all complete.

You must score at least 80% on each quiz in order to pass, if you do not score 80% or higher, you will need to retake that module again until you receive a passing score.

To complete the e-learning module, please click this link: https://members.psia-rm.org/rm-lms