Consider Your Own Board of Directors

Consider Own Board of Directors

-Dana Forbes

It is almost here, the 2021-22 season is upon us, and with it, many of you are determining how to prepare and better yourself to meet your goals. If you want to improve your life as quickly as possible, you need people who will sometimes be your challengers, often be your partners that always have your back.

I read somewhere recently that individuals need a personal “board of directors.” These are people that you need to focus your time with if you really want to improve your life. You likely already have these roles filled but defining them and even asking them for accountability is a great place to start.

Mine cover all aspects of my life that are important to me and include family, health, business, spirituality, and conscience. You need that family member or friend who reminds you to make that aspect of your life a priority. Having someone, like a health and wellness coach, is critical to reminding you to take care of yourself. There are so many options for a spiritual coach, from your pastor, yoga instructor or just that walk in the woods. As for your conscience, you know her, it’s that one person in your life who will always be straight with you even if it means making you cry. Mine is my best friend.

It’s easy to identify exactly who these people are. If you have gaps in this list, fill those gaps first.

As soon as you have your “board” together, here are the next steps:

  1. Prioritize Them

Listen to them before everyone else. Their power comes from its ability to filter: to lift up the most important things in your life and hold back the noise.

  1. Maintain Contact

Make time and space for these people. Daily, weekly, or monthly regular check-ins. Don’t try to “fit them in” like everyone else—your schedule and head will fill with noise, and you’ll lose focus in the overwhelm. Chart your course, looking at the lighthouse will beach you on the rocks.

  1. Ask Them How You’re Doing

Be ready to hear the truth.

  1. Ask Them How You Can Improve

“How can I be a better leader” is something I often ask. Be sure you’re ready to hear the response and act on it.

But here’s the thing: these people already know the answers. You don’t have to guess. You don’t have to make mistakes. You don’t have to try stuff, fail, and then attempt to repair the damage. You have the most qualified people in the world sitting at your table. All you must do is ask. When I realized I could take the same approach in the other areas of my life, I started asking for help. I put my ego aside so I could achieve the growth necessary to be the best human I can.

The board is your bedrock: You can maintain around 150 personal relationships. I suggest that these five—life partner, fitness coach, business mentor, spiritual guide, best friend—matter more than almost all the rest put together.

Identify these people, focus on them, and grow with them.

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