Summer with Intention

Summer with Intention


It’s officially mud-season, and with it comes the much-needed time out of boots that many of us have been looking forward to. Regardless of how long or short your summer break is, whether you’re jumping into a summer job, taking some time off, headed down south for more snow, or gearing up for summer in the Rockies, mud season also makes for a good time to reflect on the season and start preparing for next winter. Even though it’s summer, a little time spent now with some focus and intention will help you enter the season even more prepared and ready to crush your goals in 2022-23!


Summer Reading

If you achieved a new level of certification last season, the summer is a great time to consider and plan for your next cert. Read the course outlines, double-check the pre-requisites, review the IDPs, and dive into the National Standards and Performance Guides. There are many resources available to help you prepare, many of which – like the digital manuals – are free as a member!


Online Training

PSIA-AASI offers numerous online E-Learning courses that you can work through at your own pace. Whether that’s a prep course for your next certification or one of the health and wellness offerings, it’s worth logging in and seeing what’s available. There are also many live online courses and clinics offered through both PSIA-AASI and PSIA-RM, check the calendar to see what courses interest you and work with your summer schedule. Many Ski & Snowboard Schools also offer their own clinics in the summer, so check with your Training Manager to see what’s available!



Whatever your summer sports and activities are, there is likely applicable learning that you can transfer to snowsports. For example, if you’re a snowboarder thinking about a ski certification, mountain biking has heaps of skills that transfer into your skiing. If you’re a skier considering snowboard certification, skateboarding and surfing/wake-surfing provide many comparable skills to take into your riding.


Send Feedback

Summer is when the committees work on updates and materials for next season. If you have feedback on clinics and exams, ideas for clinics you’d like to see, or just general comments you’d like the snowboard committee to know about – now’s the time! You can share your thoughts with any examiner or committee member and ask them to bring it to the committee or you can also email me.

Chris Rogers

PSIA-AASI RM Snowboard Committee Chair

PSIA-AASI National Team

Director, WNTR Ski + Snowboard Training


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