Snowboard RMT Changes for 2020-21 Season

Snowboard RMT Changes for 2020-21


While the focus of our communication over the last few months have been changes to process around Covid-19, we do have some changes for RMT this season that the Snowboard Committee wanted to share with all RM Level 3s.

Rocky Mountain Trainer is among the highest levels of assessments in the ski and snowboard instruction industry. RMT is not a certification to become a trainer, but a validation of a candidate’s ability to lead training across the Level 1, 2, and 3 standards for PSIA-AASI in the Rocky Mountain Division. Successful RMT Candidates are already involved in leading training, have masterful presentation skills, can break down MA related to certification standards and build up training plans to address deficiencies, understand the certification standards required for Levels 1-3, and can demo correct and intentionally incorrect movements and outcomes for instructors they are training. None of that is changing.

What is changing is that beginning this season, the Snowboard RMT is moving to a modular pass/fail for individual days within a 3-season window.

For anyone NEW to the RMT process: The RMT process now starts with an Entrance Exam. The Entrance Exam is focused on riding proficiency at the Level 3 standard. This entrance exam is consistent with the Alpine RMT process and is designed to create a standard level for candidates entering the RMT Process. During the RMT Entrance Exam, candidates will be assessed at the Level 3 standard for tasks across the Snowboard Certification pathway. Candidates will be given limited individual and group feedback and are expected to self-evaluate and make changes during the exam.

Following successful completion of the RMT Entrance Exam, RMT candidates have 3 seasons (including the season they pass their Entrance Exam) to complete the RMT process by attending the pre-requisites and successfully passing all three days of the exam.

RMT candidates must complete at least two of the three available pre-requisite RMT Workshops: Clinic & Presentation 401 Workshop, MA & Tech 401 Workshop, and Ride 401 Workshop. Each workshop includes pre-work to prepare and bring to the workshop, time on-snow during the workshop, and feedback/suggested post-workshop activities to continue developing skills.

After completing two RMT Workshops, candidates can sign up for the RMT Exam. All successful days are carried forward, and candidates only need to re-attend unsuccessful days. All days must be completed within the 3-season window from the date of the Entrance Exam.

For anyone already in the RMT Process: If you were eligible to sign up for the RMT Exam in spring of 2020, having already completed the RMT Preview, you are grandfathered into the process and do NOT need to attend the RMT Entrance Exam. You have two seasons to complete the RMT exam with this season being season one. However, partial passes from previous RMT exams are NOT being moved forward into the new process.

One other minor change for 2020-21 is that 401 Workshops are also available to Level 2 and Level 3 participants with a letter from their Director or Training Manager stating that they are involved in training at their home resort. The goal with this change is to open up the workshops and offer more training about leading training to instructors who are already leading training at their resort, but are not currently in the RMT process.

The snowboard committee hopes that these changes make the RMT process more approachable to instructors who are working towards the RMT without changing the high standard we all hold for successful Rocky Mountain Trainers.

Thank you, and feel free to reach out with questions about the new RMT process, or anything else you’d like to bring to the RM Snowboard Committee

Chris Rogers

RM SB Committee Chair

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