RM’s Snowboard Freestyle Committee Is Working Hard

RM’s Snowboard Freestyle Committee Is Working Hard

By Tony Macri, RM Freestyle Committee Co-Chair


Over the last few years, we have been excited to see an increase in participation in the

Snowboard FS-1. With this increase we have received more questions as people are preparing

for this assessment. So, this summer we are dedicated to answering some of these questions

and adding more clarity to the process and the content that is involved.


For example, you will see more detail on the specific teaching topics in which you will be asked

to teach. This will lay out the topics and the process in which we would like to see the teaching.

segment delivered. You will also find more detail and clarity around the MA process. This has

changed a bit over the years as we were seeking the best way to assess MA in the process.

Finally, we are also adding videos to help add clarity to what we believe is a

clean performance of these tricks that we are asking for. There is a clear difference between

having your own style and being able to perform the trick cleanly. In the videos, we will show

the trick with key indicators to watch for.


Overall, the Snowboard side of the Freestyle Committee continues to strive to improve our

assessment content and process and we are excited to announce the addition of two new

educational clinics that will be launched next season.


All Mountain Freestyle

This clinic will be aimed to help share ideas on how you can better teach freestyle everywhere

on the mountain, not just the terrain park. You will explore some of the freestyle concepts and

apply them to different types of terrain while building fun and creative progressions.


Intro FS prep

Over the years we recognize that the FS-1 went from what used to be a learning event to more

of an assessment event. This clinic is designed to help teach people the tricks and

progressions needed to be successful at an FS-1 assessment prior to going to the assessment.

We have found that the 1-day prep isn’t enough time to cover all of the material, but rather just

quickly discuss what you will need to do at the assessment. Therefore, this will be two-day

clinic dedicated to building the skills needed to be successful at the assessment.


As always, we thank you for your continued support and hope you all have a great summer!

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