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Freestyle Discipline Updates

This summer has been quite productive as far as updating our specialist program as well as creating new ones.  The best thing about these updates and new products is that they have all been created with great cooperation with the Ski Freestyle group.  Over the last few years, we have spent more energy bringing these disciplines closer together to better share ideas and concepts. The following are the results of this great work.

Updated FS 1 outline

Your freestyle committee spent quite a bit of time looking into the details of both the Ski and Snowboard FS-1 exam.  We want to make sure the standards are the same for both disciplines.  Therefore, we create a gap analysis of these two events.  Therefore, we must compromise on both sides to come together a bit more.  If you are going to take a FS-1 exam, please know that it may be a bit different than it was in the past.  So, if you are talking to others about what this event will be like please take this into consideration.

Updated FS 1/2/3 Assessment forms

You will notice that there are some obvious changes here.  Again, if you are planning on taking this exam this year you will want to familiarize yourself with the new assessment forms.  These updates were made for more clarity.  It was also updated to include more focus on other elements like people skills, teaching skills, and technical skills.


This is a new product for Snowboard and an updated process for ski.  This is so that there is a streamline process to become a trainer for freestyle at the resort that they work at.  In other words, if you are already a trainer at your home resort this is the perfect way to hone those skills and continue to develop.  Then from this group of people that have this qualification they will then be able to apply for freestyle education staff.

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