Let Us Be Thankful

Let Us Be Thankful – Dana Forbes, CEO

We have all said it…you know, the reference to 2020 and what a “banner” year it’s been and how you can’t wait for it to be over. But do you really mean it? I know, in less than a week when I sit down on “Thanksgiving,” I will be thankful for a lot. Thankful for another year I got to be on this planet and for the fact that I get to write you this letter. As a leader, I feel blessed to be challenged in the wake of adversity to evolve, change and grow, while I admittedly loved the opportunity to look at our business model and make it more efficient and effective. Did this come without struggle? No. I, like many of you, have had to work more in the last nine months than ever before, and while I am tired and a little beat up, I am still thankful and a bit stronger.

On Monday, I got to go to one of our first events of the year at Loveland. It was seriously so wonderful to see the staff and you, the members, adapt to the changes necessary to mitigate Covid-19. While things were different, what mattered stayed the same. The six plus hours on snow was amazing. The education and sliding improvement were in full swing and it was so assuring to know that we could be there to support you in your educational endeavors.

My mantra these months have been “Challenges don’t happen to us; they happen FOR us”. I know that as we reconvene over the next month at our perspective resorts, you will see the same faces, but who you are looking at will be different. What this country has been through the last nine months will impact us forever. Nine months ago, I would have taken for granted many things I have come to long for today. I used to complain when I had to go see my mom but now, I cannot wait until I GET to see her. My son, although grown, still shows up with laundry to do and then proceeds to grocery shop in my freezer before he leaves to head back to Denver. I would do anything for him to show up here tomorrow with 100 loads of laundry. When I am at events, I make it a priority to ride lifts, connect and chat with many of you, but in full transparency, by April my social energy is exhausted…. however, I would have done ANYTHING to do that this past week at Loveland.

 I am not who I was nine months ago, I am better because of what I have been through and I know you are too. I am thankful for 2020 as it has shown me not only what is essential but what matters. You all matter so much that you landed in my top three things I will never take for granted. I, my friends, am thankful for you.

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