HO HO HO! Santa Please Make It  #$%&@* Snow!!

HO HO HO! Santa Please Make It  #$%&@* Snow!!

Dana Forbes – CEO PSIA/AASI Rocky Mountain

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through RM, not a snowflake had fallen and it felt like the end! The gear was hung in the locker rooms with care in hopes that Ullr would bring some snow to the air.

The instructors were nestled all snug in their beds while visions of deep POW days danced in their heads. And the Supe’s in their Gor-tex and Directors in flannels, hoping this lack of snow would change on the weather channel.

When up on the mountains there rose such a clatter, we all sprung from our beds to see what was the matter. Away to our windows so we could press glass to see, a light high upon the hill, and what could it be?

The moon on the breast of the resort down below, gave luster to nothing but grass and no snow. When what to our wondering eyes should appear, but a snowmobile on a trailer with a sign that read “for sale here”.

Then speeding down main street going just under 80, was a Volkswagen Atlas driven by one crazy lady. She shouted and swore and called them by name;

“Now Juno! Now Andy! Now Courtney and Katie! On Barb! On Timmo & On Carissa! and DG! To helping the members, find their user ID’’s to the events in New Mexico because there is no place better to be.

But then with a twinkling we heard on the roof, the prancing of instructors clawing their way hand and tooth. They striped down to nothing with their hands in the air, begging the sky to start snowing so they could use their new gear.

They pleaded for snow – cold, deep and fluffy, to teach their clients so they could pay for their new puffy.  And then all of the sudden they heard a jingle bell ring, it was Santa in his sleigh, snowboard under arm

Then he looked down and around and with a crinkle of his nose, asked ‘hey guys, where the #@&% is the snow’? He then saw all of the pro’s doing their dance on the roofs, he saw the bare grass and asked if this was a spoof.

They all looked around then down at the ground fearing Santa would make their truth be found. So Santa said “If you promise to pay rent instead of for beer, I will grant you one wish and it will include use of your gear.”

They all quickly agreed, and their cheers were calling, then the skies opened up and the snow began falling. The instructors returned to their beds to get plenty of rest, when they awoke the next morning, they found powder up to their chest.

So, to lineup they went with all their new gear, to find out that fresh snow was not all that was here. There were so many guests lined up at the lifts, they realized that this was by far the best gift.

So, if you are worried that winter ‘22 will never arrive, be patient my friend the snow will soon fall from the sky. We will slide, we will eat and pay rent so our debt is clear, and with any luck there will be some left over for beer.

 Happy Holidays!!!

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