Elbow Bumps and Homage from a Distance

Elbow Bumps and Homage from a Distance

Dana Forbes, CEO

What I love most about my job is watching each one of you on your journey through education and certification. I have been in this position for 15 years, and hands down my favorite part is going to events, riding the chair with you, standing on the sidelines, and watching you learn and grow into better educators. Often at the end of an assessment, I have the honor or addressing the attendees and thanking them for their commitment to their growth. Unfortunately, this year we were unable to hold our traditional award ceremonies, so in place of that, for anyone who went through an assessment, this is for you:

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for your commitment to your growth and development in this profession. While I am sure you had some fun the last few days, I am also certain that at moments it was stressful. For this, I acknowledge the courage it took for you to put yourself out there. Please give yourself a pat on the back and a huge round of applause. 

I am really fortunate to have the best job in the world because I get to work with all the amazing examiners you slid with, and I am certain that they took good care of you. Join me in thanking them for their commitment to you. 

I must also acknowledge the event managers, they, along with the office staff, do so much to support the ins and outs of the event, assuring it runs smoothly and all the i’s have dots and t’s are crossed. 

Last, but not least, the member schools. As you may or may not know, we are a non-profit and our member schools support us in donating lift tickets to attendees, along with other important logistical support. They invest in your training, hiring the best trainers, many standing in the back of the room, who got you here today. Be sure to high five a manager when you see them– it takes a village to get to where we are at. 

I know you are all anxious to receive your results, however before we do that, I have to say something, and I need you to listen. Not everyone in this room is going to receive the results they wanted or even expected, be it the overall result or certain areas. And while I can stand up here and tell you that it is all about the journey and all that you learned getting here, that is irrelevant now. What matters most, is what you choose to do with the feedback you receive. Each and every one of you has an opportunity to continue to develop, but you have to have a growth mindset, knowing knowledge, is not finite. You must embrace that a 4 is not a 6…YET. You must realize, it is not pass or fail, it is an opportunity to go out and practice what you love to do a little more. I was unsuccessful at my L2, L3 and making Ed Staff at my first attempt, and here I am, your CEO and it is only because those before me, reminded me of this.  

Without further ado, we would like to welcome our newest certified pros….. 

Come on up and get your pin and certificate!”

If you took your Level 1? Then, welcome to the family, this is the first step in committing to this profession. If it was your Level 2, nice work, this is when you see what this can lead to. Now if it was your Level 3, hell ya!!!  Keep in mind this is the highest certification we have, so if you got it then you are the same cert level as all your examiners. Did you take a specialist? Then good on you, because you will now crush it in that area of expertise, serving our clients at the highest level. Was it an RMT (Rocky Mountain Trainer) assessment? Then wow, just wow, you are now part of the solution and your influence is endless. Did you go out for the National Team? Then thank you for being a rock star! Was it an interview to work as an examiner for RM? This shows your hunger and humility but more so your desire to give back to the organization. However, if you were hired, don’t worry, my scissors and clippers will getcha’ next year!

Next year I plan to do this in person so you can hear the excitement in my voice, see the appreciation in my smile, and feel the love in my heart.

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