Divisions Work Together to Update Adaptive Snowboard Manual

Divisions Work Together to Update Adaptive Snowboard Manual

Christina Bruno, PSIA-RM-AASI Adaptive Committee Member

Over the summer a committee of adaptive snowboard instructors and examiners began meeting regularly to create a more comprehensive adaptive snowboard manual for the membership. This project is a sponsored collaboration between Burton Snowboards, PSIA-AASI, and Western Colorado University. The committee gathered divisional resources and input from membership surveys including expertise from both the adaptive snowsports community and outside of the snowsports environment to create an educational resource that can support adaptive programs, instructors, and volunteers across all divisions.

Some of the updated content includes a focus on critical thinking and problem solving to create an “adaptive hypothesis” of the rider using the framework of the snowboard fundamentals and how they apply to different adaptive snowboard tools, techniques, and diagnoses. The six snowboard fundamentals became part of national standards last June. This framework is used throughout the adaptive snowboard manual to illustrate how the use of different adaptive snowboard assistive devices such as the rider bar, hula hoop, outriggers, and other equipment impact the snowboard fundamentals. Using this framework can help guide an adaptive instructor on the reasoning behind choosing a specific tool or technique that may be able to support a rider who is challenged creating a fundamental movement.

Other updated content includes more detailed descriptions on seat-assists for sit-down equipment, the riding skills needed to proficiently use a seat assist, tethering a bi-ski from a snowboard, updated section on working with amputees, and expanding the adaptive hypothesis for intermediate to advanced riders. This manual will supplement the current Adaptive Alpine Technical Manual and the Adaptive Instruction Supplement: Diagnoses & Medication Classifications with its primary focus on adaptive snowboard specific content and considerations. The manual is currently going through a technical review process and editing. Keep a look out for the updated Adaptive Snowboard Technical Manual soon!

Upcoming Adaptive Snowboard Webinars, Events, and Information:

2/12: Adaptive Snowboard 101

Have you ever been curious about becoming an adaptive snowboard instructor but do not teach in an adaptive program? This webinar will give you a preview of the Adaptive Snowboard Instructor Training Course (ITC), how to get involved in adaptive snowboarding, and the pathway to becoming certified.

2/26: Applying the Snowboard Fundamentals to Adaptive Snowboard Lessons

This webinar will explore the AASI snowboard fundamentals and how they apply to common types of adaptive snowboard equipment and student profiles. Cause and effect relationships will

be investigated as well as how each tool may enhance abilities and influence board performance.


ASB ITC rescheduled. Follow the link below for the latest information. Events – PSIA-RM (psia-rm.org)


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