“Circumstances Don’t Make a Man, They Reveal Him”

“Circumstances Don’t Make a Man, they Reveal Him.”

 What did 2020 reveal about you? How will this change your priorities in 2021? 

Prioritize, it is an interesting word and used a lot. It means “to designate or treat (something) as more important than others.” Whenever someone says (including myself here) that they “don’t have the time to do X,” I cannot help but remind them (and myself) that you do, it is just not a priority.

We can all agree on one thing, 2020 presented us with circumstances outside of our control. Our schedules and lives were literally turned upside down presenting us with legitimate hurdles that jolted our ability to stop prioritizing certain and important things. How many of you made decisions out of necessity, or perhaps, to soothe the worries of the world, that impacted your overall wellness?

While we each handled 2020 differently, as we look to 2021 for change, how we handled 2020 can be a great platform to move from. If your ski pants did not fit because maybe the elastic pants were a bad idea, set a small goal of putting on jeans once a week. I did this just the other day; all I did to assure my safety was to text my best friend and ask her to check in if she did not hear from me in an hour. But I did it and will continue to do it at least once a week because I know it will remind me to go to the gym. The gym will remind me to watch what I eat. Watching what I eat will give me more energy. More energy will give me the ability to accomplish more things that matter. Accomplishing things that are important will make me happier and less anxious. Being happier and less anxious will make me sleep better. Sleeping better will make me live longer. Living longer will allow me to lead for many more years. Leading will help me change the world! 

See most people think to reach a goal they need to completely turn around their lives, but data shows that changing one thing can have an endless impact on your ability to create real lasting change in your life. By just putting on my jeans once a week, I will change the world! 

I did something else here, I told 8000 people my one measurable goal, so now I have accountability which will increase my chances of success. If you have a goal you want to set, share it with me at dana@psia-rm.org and together we can keep one another accountable. Together we can be the change.

Happy 2021! We are better, we are stronger, and we are ready for change!    

Dana Forbes 

CEO PSIA/AASI Rocky Mountain 

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