I am having trouble completing my e-learning LMS Module.

Make sure you read and are following the directions at this link: https://www.psia-rm.org/e-learning-module-lms/

Keep in mind, there are currently two log-ins, one for the Rocky Mountain Member Portal and one for www.thesnowpros.org. Make sure you are using the log-in for www.thesnowpros.org. If you created an account at www.thesnowpros.org before you joined as a member, you may have two accounts, use the more recent account with your National ID number.

The default log-in for www.thesnowpros.org is to use your email address as the username and your 6-digit ID number as the password.

If you are still having trouble, please contact us at (970) 879-8335 or email courtney@psia-rm.org.

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