What is the Waitlist Policy?

Waitlist Policy If an event is full, participants can place themselves on a waitlist by registering online and providing a form

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I am having trouble completing my e-learning LMS Module.

Make sure you read and are following the directions at this link: Your log-in should be the same as your

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What if I’m a current college student and can’t meet the educational requirements?

Good news! We have a Student CEU Waiver available for current students in a full time capacity pursuing a degree

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What if I had a medical reason as to why I was unable to participate in an event in the season I was “due?”

If you’ve been injured and can not take clinics during a season that you are due clinic credits, please provide

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Can I attend clinics and exams in another PSIA/AASI division? And, will they count toward my educational credit requirements?

Yes, you can take clinics in other PSIA/AASI divisions. Clinics credits do transfer from division to division. It is the

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Can I attend Non PSIA-AASI clinics for credit?

Certain clinics and/or classes are eligible for Non PSIA-AASI credit. A form to submit these credits is available from the

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How do I order educational materials and books?

You can order educational materials online at

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I hear Educational Materials are available online. Where can I access them?

All educational materials can be found by clicking the “Education” tab from the homepage and choosing the discipline you

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How long must I be a PSIA-RM/AASI Level I member before attempting my Level II?

There is no time requirement between attempting one level of certification and the next. However, you must complete the level

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How long is a prerequisite valid?

Please see information page for each discipline for more details.

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In the case of Alpine Level II and Level III, which have three parts, how long do I have to pass each part?

The separate days (parts) of the exam do not expire, once passed. Please refer to the exam outlines for further

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What is a member required to do to maintain certification?

To maintain your certification you must keep your Rocky Mountain dues current and you need to take 12 hours (formerly

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I want to take an exam in another discipline. What is the PSIA-AASI RM cross-over policy between disciplines?

Please refer to the National “Certified Member Cross Discipline Policy” for certifications at this link:

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Will any event fulfill the educational credit requirements? Even in another discipline?

Yes, any clinic in our curriculum guide counts as your educational credit requirements. You don’t have to take a clinic

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If I am certified in more then one discipline (i.e. Alpine & Cross Country), what are my educational credit requirements?

Educational credit requirements are the same for all certified members – 12 hours (formerly two days) every other year. The

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What if my schedule did not permit, and I was unable to participate in an event in the season I was “due?”

If you get behind on your clinic credits, in the next dues billing statement you will be assessed a prepay

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Can I get a copy of my written exam?

No, copies of the written tests are not available to members outside of the exam situation. You are able to

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