Rocky Mountain Trainer (RMT)

Adaptive Alpine RMT Pathway

  • Registered Member- pay RM & National dues

Adaptive Alpine RMT Certificate


  • PSIA-RM Adaptive Alpine Level 3 Certified
  • Current on Dues & Credit Hours
  • Attend the Adaptive Alpine Rocky Mountain Trainer Prep Clinic
  • Be an employee or volunteer of a recognized ski school or adaptive ski program and have at least 25 verifiable hours as a clinic leader.
  • It is strongly suggested that candidates for Adaptive Trainer obtain Alpine Certification to at least Level 2, so that additional required clinic credits are of a high level and in a topic area relevant to teaching or technical application.


  • Attend and pass the Adaptive Alpine Rocky Mountain Trainer Assessment (Note: you must bring your completed Professional Development Log to the assessment)

Alpine RMT Pathway

Alpine RMT Certificate


  • Alpine Level 3 Certification



  • Successful Completion of the Children’s Specialist 2 before RMT qualification can be awarded.
  • Successfully Pass the Entrance Ski Assessment
  • Once the Ski Entrance Assessment has been passed, the candidate is entered into the newly redesigned RMT process for the 2017-18 season.  The new design represents a significant change to the RMT experience and a significant philosophical change to the development of trainers in the Rocky Mountain Division.  For more information on the new process, you can find the Alpine RMT Program Guide under Alpine Reference Materials

Children’s RMT Certificate


  • Certified Level 3 in Alpine, Snowboard or Telemark.
  • Current on Dues & Credit Hours
  • Children’s Specialist 2
  • 401 On Snow Children’s Clinic Leading
  • RMT Workbook Completion
  • 25 hours of clinic leading at your home area (verified by Training manager or Director)


  • Pass all sections of the on snow CRMT assessment (no partial passes)

Cross Country RMT Pathway

  • Registered Member- pay RM & National dues

Cross Country RMT Certificate


  • Level 3 Cross Country Certified
  • Attend Cross Country 401 Workshop or Attend XC PSIA Ed Staff Fall Training (to attend fall training option you must contact XC chairperson prior and write a letter of intention of becoming a RMT)
  • Complete RMT Certification Workbook
  • Current in Dues & Credit Hours


  • Pass the Cross Country 2-Day On-Snow Assessment

Snowboard RMT Pathway

  • Registered Member- pay RM & National dues

Snowboard RMT Certificate


  • Certified Level 3 Snowboard
  • Current on Dues & Credit Hours
  • Children’s and Freestyle Certificates are required for this event
  • Attend RMT Snowboard Prep Clinic
  • Submit a technical article to RM office 30 days prior to the assessment
  • Current on Dues & Credit Hours


  • Pass all 3 parts of the RMT On-Snow Assessment ( no partial passes )
  • Registered Member- pay RM & National dues

Telemark RMT Certificate


  • Level 3 Telemark Certification
  • Letter of application and intent to pursue a Telemark RMT Certificate



  • Complete the Telemark RMT Checklist, over the course of 2 seasons, during the Telemark RMT exam or a combination of the two
  • Please see the Telemark RMT overview and checklist for complete details. You can view the overview and checklist under the Telemark Reference Materials page from the Education tab.

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