Adaptive Alpine Reference Materials

-Adaptive Alpine Level 1 & 2 Required Materials
Adaptive Alpine Functional Skiing Scorecard202.7 KB
Adaptive Alpine Module Scorecard210.8 KB
Adaptive Encyclopedia3.5 MB
Adaptive GCT Skier Adaptive Exam Assessment Worksheet13.5 KB
Adaptive Level 1-2 Exam Materials676.4 KB
Functional Skiing Exam Criteria191.6 KB
Functional Skiing Professional Development Log235.5 KB
New Snowsports Instructor Guide1.1 MB
Adaptive Alpine 3-Track & 4-Track Materials
3-Track, 4-Track Adaptive Exam Guide7.1 MB
3-Track, 4-Track Professional Development Log282.7 KB
3-Track, 4-Track Workbook228.5 KB
Slider Adaptive Exam Guide247.8 KB
Adaptive Alpine Bi-Ski & Mono-Ski Materials
Bi-Ski Adaptive Exam Guide2.9 MB
Bi-Ski, Mono-Ski Professional Development Log287.3 KB
Bi-Ski, Mono-Ski Workbook220.7 KB
Mono-Ski Adaptive Exam Guide439.4 KB
Adaptive Alpine Cognitive & Visually Impaired Materials
Cognitive Disabilities Adaptive Exam Guide434.6 KB
Cognitive/Visually Impaired Professional Development Log290.4 KB
Cognitive/Visually Impaired Workbook228.6 KB
Visually Impaired Adaptive Exam Guide453.7 KB
Adaptive Alpine Level 1 & 2 Scorecards
Level 1 Adaptive Module Scorecard210.8 KB
Level 1 Functional Skiing Scorecard202.3 KB
Adaptive Alpine Level 3 Exam Materials
Adaptive Alpine Level 3 Exam Materials970.6 KB
Adaptive Alpine Level 3 Professional Development Log1.2 MB
Adaptive Alpine Level 3 Scorecard197.9 KB
Adaptive Encyclopedia3.5 MB
Adaptive Educational Materials
Adaptive Alpine Sit Down Tethering Tune-Up82.7 KB
Adaptive Online: Cognitive Diagnoses Online Prep154.3 KB
Adaptive Online: Visually Impaired Online Prep155.3 KB
Adaptive Ski Bike Clinic196.2 KB
Adaptive Ski Bike Info Guide321.5 KB
National Certification Standards56.0 KB
PSIA-AASI ADA Policy328.6 KB
Adaptive RMT
Adaptive Alpine RMT Exam Material480.3 KB
Adaptive Alpine RMT Professional Development Log227.0 KB
Adaptive RMT Scorecard195.6 KB

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