The PSIA-RM-AASI office maintains a full time member service staff to assist you with any membership or event registration questions. We are available by phone or e-mail and are happy to answer any questions and help you to move forward with your PSIA affiliation. PSIA-RM-AASI membership has numerous benefits, and offers you many opportunities to improve your personal teaching and skiing/boarding, but it also has some rules and guidelines that must be followed. These are policies that the Association has deemed necessary to support efficient management of events, as well as sound fiscal practices.

Online Registration: Click here to go to the event schedule, choose an event, and then click the link to register for that event.

Three week deadline: This means that faxed or mailed event applications must be received in the office (check the schedule for the exact deadline date). Applications received after the deadline will be accepted with a $10/event day(s) late fee if there are openings to fill out a group (i.e. if it is a two day event the late fee is $20, if it is a three day event the late fee is $30). Below are several reasons for this policy of deadline and late fees.

Staff: Most of our course conductors have full time responsibilities at their home areas or other jobs outside of the industry. Their time is valuable and must be scheduled weeks in advance. Lodging is also becoming more difficult to get with short notice.

Administrative: It is hard to imagine the logistics involved in even the smallest event and then multiply that by the over 300+ events that we offer each season. Materials need to be organized and sent to the area, along with the associated record keeping.

Financial: For those who pay by check, there needs to be enough time allowed to be sure that funds clear to pay for the clinics and credit cards are sometimes declined.

How we can help: While we cannot take applications over the phone, our fax machine is on 24-hours a day, every day. We can accept Visa and MasterCard credit cards. If your credit card is declined or is invalid for any reason, we cannot enter you in the event nor can we hold your place. We will call or e-mail you immediately and it is important that you get back to us right away. Please do not fax copies of a check that you intend to mail, as this will not hold your place in the event. We do suggest that if you do send a fax close to the deadline, you call us and verify that it has been received. Otherwise you should expect to receive an e-mail confirmation message a few days after we process it as well as a confirmation email with event details a few days after the posted registration deadline.

Administrative Charges: Cancellation and transfer fees reflect costs incurred by PSIA-RM-AASI to change master sheets and computer records, file, send updates and provide extra communication by phone and e-mail. When changes are made just prior to events, the cost escalates due to the fact that virtually all costs and commitments are fixed by that time. Once you have become a member, there are no refunds on dues. Dues for the upcoming season are billed each May.

Cancellation Policy

  • There will be no additional fee if registration is cancelled or switched before the published deadline date.
  • 50% cancellation OR switch fee if the registration is cancelled or switched after the published deadline but up to 24 hours before the event.
  • The 50% fee will be waived if the registrant provides a person, at least one week before the event, as your replacement for a cancellation or switch. This person will need to pay the registrant directly for the cost of the event.
  • If registrant cancels or is a “no show” within 24 hours of the event, no refunds will be administered.
  • Medically verified cancellations will receive a 100% refund if a written doctor’s certification and request for a refund are received in the RM office within two weeks after the event.


RETURNED CHECKS/DECLINED CHARGES: Checks returned for insufficient funds will not be redeposited. Registrant’s application will be voided unless such checks or charges are replaced by certified check, money order or cash prior to the event. For returned checks, this must include a processing charge of $35.00.

Other notes:

If you have a change of address: please let our office know by phone, mail or e-mail so that your member information and curriculum guides will arrive with no interruption. Please note you must update your information on both and if updating online. If you move out of the Rocky Mountain Division and wish to transfer to another PSIA-AASI division, please let us know so that we can provide them with the necessary paperwork.

Your district:

a. Members belong to one of three districts within the Rocky Mountain Division. They are: Front Range, Western Slope and Southern District.

b. You are assigned to be in the district where you teach.

We hope this helps answer some of your basic questions about PSIA-RM-AASI. If you have any questions that are not answered here, please contact the main office at (970) 879-8335, or e-mail us at


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