Ski Cooper looking for Snow Sports Instructor

General Overview

Contrary to what you may have thought, you don’t have to be an ex-Olympian to be an effective teacher. In fact, an enthusiastic personality and a passion for skiing and riding is our most critical prerequisite! Sure, skiing and riding skill is required, but at minimum, intermediate ability. The majority of our students are first-timers, and we will teach you how to teach them. If asked, most of our “master teachers” would never have considered themselves worthy at first. The key is in conveying your love of the sport in a safe, informative and nurturing manner.

The best teachers in the world are great learners first…that is where we come in. Our staff trainers started right where you are now. They will guide you through the technical teaching skills to make you a successful teacher, and along the way you will, as a partner in learning, grow your own personal skills beyond recognition!

Your personal goal by the end of your rookie season should be to achieve your Level 1 PSIA or AASI certification! The breakthrough you are seeking in your abilities may just lie in the teaching of others! 

Job Description

Ski Cooper’s Snow Sports Instructors:

  • Serves as a professional instructor and representative of Ski Cooper..
  • Works as a member of an interdependent team dedicated to creating the best possible environment for taking and teaching a ski or snowboard lesson.
  • Works not only with students, but with all guests, internal or external, at all times, that’s 24/7, exemplifying the goals of the resort’s Guest Service model, on and off the hill.

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