Specialist Certificate Pathway

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Children’s Specialist 1 Certification

  • Minimum 16 years of Age
  • Level 1 Certified in any discipline
  • Complete and Score higher than 70% on Children’s Specialist 1 Workbook
  • Complete and pass the Children’s Specialist 1 Written Quiz before the Prep and Exam
  • Attend and pass the 2 day Children’s Specialist On Snow Prep and Exam
  • Current on Dues & Credit Hours


Children’s Specialist 2 Certification


  • Level 2 Certified in any discipline
  • CS1 or equivalent knowledge and experience
  • The online quiz must be completed before attending the event
  • Current on Dues & Credit Hours


  • The CS2 workbook must be completed and brought to the event
  • Attend the 3 day Children’s Specialist 2 Event and Pass all parts of the On Snow 3 day Exam

National Website

To access the PSIA-AASI National website visit www.thesnowpros.org


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