Adaptive Alpine Reference Materials

-Adaptive Alpine Level 1 & 2 Required Materials
Adaptive GCT Skier Adaptive Exam Assessment Worksheet13.5 KB
Adaptive Level 1-2 Exam Materials676.4 KB
Adaptive Alpine Functional Skiing Scorecard202.7 KB
Adaptive Alpine Module Scorecard210.8 KB
New Snowsports Instructor Guide1.1 MB
Functional Skiing Exam Criteria191.6 KB
Functional Skiing Professional Development Log235.5 KB
Adaptive Encyclopedia3.5 MB
Adaptive Alpine 3-Track & 4-Track Materials
3-Track, 4-Track Adaptive Exam Guide7.1 MB
3-Track, 4-Track Professional Development Log282.7 KB
3-Track, 4-Track Workbook228.5 KB
Slider Adaptive Exam Guide247.8 KB
Adaptive Alpine Bi-Ski & Mono-Ski Materials
Bi-Ski Adaptive Exam Guide2.9 MB
Bi-Ski, Mono-Ski Workbook220.7 KB
Bi-Ski, Mono-Ski Professional Development Log287.3 KB
Mono-Ski Adaptive Exam Guide439.4 KB
Adaptive Alpine Cognitive & Visually Impaired Materials
Cognitive Disabilities Adaptive Exam Guide434.6 KB
Cognitive/Visually Impaired Workbook228.6 KB
Cognitive/Visually Impaired Professional Development Log290.4 KB
Visually Impaired Adaptive Exam Guide453.7 KB
Adaptive Alpine Level 1 & 2 Scorecards
Level 1 Functional Skiing Scorecard202.3 KB
Level 1 Adaptive Module Scorecard210.8 KB
Adaptive Alpine Level 3 Exam Materials
Adaptive Alpine Level 3 Scorecard197.9 KB
Adaptive Alpine Level 3 Exam Materials970.6 KB
Adaptive Alpine Level 3 Professional Development Log1.2 MB
Adaptive Encyclopedia3.5 MB
Adaptive Educational Materials
Adaptive Ski Bike Clinic196.2 KB
Adaptive Ski Bike Info Guide321.5 KB
Adaptive Online: Cognitive Diagnoses Online Prep154.3 KB
Adaptive Online: Visually Impaired Online Prep155.3 KB
PSIA-AASI ADA Policy328.6 KB
National Certification Standards56.0 KB
Adaptive Alpine Sit Down Tethering Tune-Up82.7 KB
Adaptive RMT
Adaptive Alpine RMT Professional Development Log227.0 KB
Adaptive RMT Scorecard195.6 KB
Adaptive Alpine RMT Exam Material480.3 KB

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